Rockstar quietly releases pre-load GTA Online December Update 2023 patch


GTA Online December Update 2023 is going to be released today, and gamers can now pre-load the DLC patch already. According to famous insider Tez2, Rockstar Games has allowed PS5 users to download the December update in advance, suggesting that the DLC will be out today as expcted.

While the developers haven’t shared new concrete about the upcoming content yet, there have been leaks suggesting what exactly to expect from it.

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GTA Online December Update 2023 pre-load is now available

As seen from the above-mentioned X post, Tez2 shared that the PS5 pre-size download seems to be around 6GB in size. The exact size is 6.212GB for PS5 users and around 3GB for PS4 gamers. The PC and Xbox patches are expected to be either almost the same size or a bit bigger.

This seemingly confirms that the GTA Online Winter Update 2023 is quite near and could be released as soon as today, December 12, 2023. The end date of the currently ongoing weekly event and the GTA+ membership period also support the expected release date.

Fans can expect to play the new DLC around 10 am UK time worldwide.

Rockstar previously revealed some of the upcoming content, such as a new Salvage Yard business, animals, Vehicle Robberies, Drift Races, and QOL improvements:

  • Default turned off voice chat on consoles
  • New Specification Service at Los Santos Car Meet
  • More streamlined Interaction Menu interface

Aside from these, more details about the DLC have been leaked online, hinting at a decent update.

Grand Theft Auto Online December Update 2023: Leaks explored

As per an insider Lucas7yoshi, players of the popular multiplayer game can expect the following from the December Update 2023.

Vehicle Robberies, including stealing:

  • A vehicle from the casino
  • A vehicle from Mission Row
  • A vehicle from the Cargoship
  • A vehicle from the Maze Bank
  • A vehicle from/or a submarine

Further inclusions are as follows:

  • New 25+ tattoos
  • New 150+ clothing items
  • New Battle Rifle weapon
  • New hacking device (handheld)
  • No more garage space for Xbox One and PS4 users

Coupled with that, Lucas7yoshi revealed some of the in-game awards achievable in the upcoming December update 2023:

  • Prep Work
  • Getaway Vehicles
  • Extra Mile
  • Car Dealer
  • Weapon Arsenal
  • Second-Hand Parts
  • Perfect Run
  • Surprise Attack

Rockstar Games is expected to officially announce the GTA 5 winter update 2023 release date soon.

To check exact timings for the DLC release, click here – GTA Online update timing

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