Social media reacts as RatedEpicz leaks alleged homophobic Discord chats from bananabrea


In his recent stream, controversial Twitch creator RatedEpicz shared alleged homophobic Discord chats of fellow NoPixel streamer bananabrea. Clips showcasing the GTA RP creator using the f-slur have gone viral on social media, with many Redditors from the streamer-focused subreddit r/LivestreamFail sharply criticizing the group.

RatedEpicz himself has built up quite a reputation in the GTA RP community, having received a permanent ban from NoPixel servers earlier this year. Since then, he has exposed fellow streamers such as Lyndi for homophobia, and the bananabrea “expose” is the most recent instance of him calling out other creators.

After the clip started garnering attention on social media, viewers called out the whole group, with one Redditor describing them as “scum.”

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Exploring the alleged homophobic messages from bananabrea leaked by RatedEpicz

Bananabrea is a Grand Theft Auto roleplay streamer who is a regular on the NoPixel servers. She has been part of the popular GTA RP server since 2017 and is known for playing in-game characters of Claire Seducer and Tyme Reducer. Viewers may remember her clashing with popular livestreamer Felix “xQc” earlier this year after she called his followers “sheep.”

RatedEpicz himself has been in the crosshairs of the community after his permanent ban from the roleplay server earlier this year. As mentioned before, since then, he has leaked controversial messages from other users as well. This time, he showcased several discord chats on his stream, which seem to suggest bananabrea used the homophobic f-word.

One of the messages, which appears to be from 2022, reads:

“I can’t stand her man she is a fa**ot like you”

Here is another example, as shared by RatedEpicz, of a Discord message from 2020:

“but you NVL the most no joke I bet you would suck her tr*nny d*ck u f*g”

These clips have naturally drawn sharp criticism from viewers. Redditors of r/LivestreamFail did not spare RatedEpicz either in their vitriol. Here are some general reactions to the clip that has garnered over 50K views on Twitch.

Here’s a more complete look at the earlier drama between RatedEpicz and Lyndi that occurred in early 2023, where private messages containing homophobia and transphobia got leaked on social media.

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