Best heated clothes airers and drying racks in 2023 (UK)


Forget the old-fashioned clothes horse, and forget chucking your wet laundry on the radiator. Neither of these is a good option for drying clothes during the winter months. A tumble dryer is also out of the question if you’re trying to save money.

What you need is something that combines the old clothes horse and radiator yet somehow cuts back on heating costs. The answer is an electric drying rack, a new-fangled appliance that’s making homes everywhere warmer and more energy-efficient. Not to mention drying clothes, of course.

If you’re in the market for an electric drying rack, we can help you choose the right model for your home.

How do electric drying racks work?

It’s really very simple. An electric drying rack is (usually) made up from rows and rows of metal bars, which have heating elements inside. Hang your clothes on the rack and plug it in. The bars will quickly heat up and begin drying your wet clothes. An electric drying rack will reach a temperature of approximately 60 degrees Celsius.

While some basic (and cheaper) electric drying racks will only heat the part of fabric that’s actually touching the fabric of the clothes, others circulate the heat and dry your clothes more efficiently. Look out for dryers that have a fabric cover. This helps to retain and circulate warm air — not to mention hide away that unsightly jumble of wet clothing in your living room.

How long does an electric drying rack take to dry clothes?

You can expect clothes to dry in around four hours. Items such as heavy wool or denim could take longer. For best results, move the clothes around every hour or so.

Are electric drying racks portable?

Electric drying racks vary in shape and size, which means you can find an option that perfectly fits your home — whether you have a big or small home, or a limited space for clothes drying. Most electric drying racks will fold down, making them easy to move between rooms and very handy to store away in a convenient place.

Are electric drying racks expensive to run?

These heated racks are essentially an alternative to the cost of using a tumble dryer or the cost (and hassle) of visiting the laundrette. An electric drying rack will cost up to around 15p per hour to run — opposed to about £1.80 per cycle with a tumble dryer.

What is the best electric drying rack?

Your style might not be the same as everyone else. Or more to the point, you need to choose an option that best suits your needs at home — an electric dryer that can handle all the washing you throw at it, and in a space or room that’s convenient for you.

Forget having to dig around the internet for the best options. We’ve done the hard work for you and put together a list that includes something for everyone.

These are the best electric drying racks in 2023.

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