Dave Grohl ‘Slept Through’ Boygenius Album Session


Once upon a time, Dave Grohl hit snooze instead of joining boygenius in the studio. Phoebe Bridgers (and her bandmates) recently spoke to NME and revealed that the Foo Fighters frontman and the trio had a “missed connection” when they were making The Record.

“There was this missed connection where Dave was actually going to come to the studio and play on [the record],” Bridgers told the outlet. “Then he slept through it or whatever, and we didn’t end up meeting.”

In the interview, Bridgers reflected on her and her groupmates Julien Baker and Lucy Dacus performing “Satanist” alongside Grohl during their show at the Hollywood Bowl on Halloween.

“It was actually kind of a perfect, full-circle moment of having him play on that song because we knew we wanted the drums to be crazy on that,” she said. During the show, Grohl got into the Halloween spirit by wearing skull makeup. The “boys” had coordinating Father, Son and Holy Spirit costumes.

During the interview, Bridgers also shared that she and Grohl met backstage at a Billie Eilish concert, calling him the “coolest guy ever.”

“I was texting the boys, being like, ‘I met Dave Grohl, and he exceeds every expectation of how a rock star can be in the world,’” Bridgers said. “I think we, as a group, look for that a lot — like, who is living their life the way that we want to get old and live our lives?”


“He’s so game. I just want to stay game the way that he is,” added Dacus.

Boygenius has received critical acclaim for their LP The Record, even reaching No. 2 on Rolling Stone‘s 100 Best Albums of 2023 list. “Whether set against folky, grungy, or Simon and Garfunkel-y backdrops, each song maintains an intimacy that makes you feel included — and that’s the whole point, after all,” read a review of the album.

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