Deputy EIC of Putin’s favorite newspaper found dead at 35


The deputy editor-in-chief at Russia’s largest pro-Putin newspaper has been found dead at age just 35 – only one year after her boss died under suspicious circumstances.

Anna Tsareva, the deputy editor-in-chief of Komsomolskaya Pravda (KP), was found dead in her Moscow apartment by her parents after she had not been contacted since Sunday, the publication confirmed Wednesday.

Tsaerva had suffered from an apparent fever and lung infection in the days before her death, KP alleged.

“Three days ago, Anya came down with a fever again. The last phrase that her friend and work colleague at KP heard from her was: ‘I took my medicine, I’m going to bed,’” the announcement explained.

There were no signs of foul play, and the journalist – who headed up content at KP for six years – is believed to have died from heart failure, the Daily Mail reported, citing Shot media.

KP editor-in-chief Vladimir Sungorkin – pictured above with Vladimir Putin.
KP editor-in-chief Vladimir Sungorkin – pictured above with Vladimir Putin – died suddenly last year. / e2w

Tsareva’s sudden death comes just a little over a year after KP’s editor-in-chief Vladimir Sungorkin, 68, died suddenly in September 2022, the outlet added.

KP is the most popular news site in Russia, with 83.9 million readers in October this year, the Daily Mail claimed.

The paper was previously namechecked by Russian President Vladimir Putin as his favorite newspaper, the outlet added, citing a report from the European Commission.

Anna Tsareva.
Anna Tsareva was mourned by her colleagues in a gushing tribute article on Wednesday. e2wnews

“Anya’s death is a real shock and tragedy for us,” said Olesya Nosova, the editor-in-chief of KP.

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