Stephen Colbert has some brutal jokes about Tucker Carlson’s streaming network


After his Fox firing, Tucker Carlson spent some time interviewing people on X, with his videos getting what appeared to be hundreds of millions of views (even though in reality, the number was quite a bit less than that). Now Carlson’s announced he’s launching his own streaming network — and Stephen Colbert has some thoughts.

“You may remember that Tucker got fired from Fox News for somehow being too racist, so he started a show over on Twitter,” explains Colbert in the clip above. “But now he’s got an even worse idea, because yesterday he announced he’s launching his own streaming service called Tucker Carlson Network for $9 a month. Now that seems steep, but there is a free version: for $0 a month, you can never watch Tucker Carlson again.”

As an added bonus Colbert also grabbed ownership of, which currently contains a video of a dancing Tucker above some donation links for World Central Kitchen, Donors Choose, and Human Rights Campaign.

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