This Comedian Nails Why School Vouchers Are a Scam


2023 was the year of school choice. Since 2021, many states—including Arizona, Florida, Utah, and West Virginia—have created or expanded voucher programs.

Like other efforts to dismantle public education in recent years, the school-choice movement purports to benefit families. But plenty of people are here to point to the facts. Among them, comedian Trae Crowder.

Crowder’s approach often mixes comedy, politics, and his rural Tennessean upbringing. With over 9.5 million likes on TikTok, his style definitely resonates with people. We love that he uses his platform to set the record straight on school choice—and makes us laugh while doing it.

Check out his TikTok below. (Note: There are a couple of bad words, so be mindful if that’s a concern for you.)

Considering the importance of Crowder’s message here, we thought it would be good to link to facts for each of his claims.

School Vouchers: The Facts

“These vouchers don’t cover the cost of most private school tuitions anyway, so poor parents still can’t afford it.”

In most states, vouchers don’t cover the cost of tuition. In Arizona, Georgia, and Texas, the voucher amount covers less than half of tuition.

“The very best private schools won’t even take the vouchers.”

From Time’s article “How School Voucher Programs Hurt Students: “Elite private schools with strong academics and large endowments often decline to participate in voucher plans. Instead the typical voucher school is a financially distressed, sub-prime private provider often jumping at the chance for a tax bailout to stay open a few extra years.”

“[Private schools] can turn kids away for any reason.”

Yes, private schools can reject or expel kids for any reason—even discriminatory ones in some cases.

“Many of them don’t have special ed.”

Most do not.

“They don’t have transportation.”

Private schools aren’t obligated to provide transportation for their students, so many do not.

“They’re not in rural areas.”

While 92% of urban families have a private school within 5 miles of their home, only 34% of rural families have the same access. Keep in mind this isn’t the school of choice, necessarily—just a private school.

“The vast majority of kids who use these vouchers already go to private schools.”

A surprising 95% of Arkansas students receiving vouchers were enrolled in a private school the year before.

“Millions of dollars have already gone to schools that openly refuse to admit gay kids.”

Yes—millions and millions.

Plus, we’ll add this: School vouchers don’t improve test scores and are rooted in segregation and racism.

We’re here for anyone who uses their platform to go to bat for teachers. More of this, please!

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