Xiaomi 14 Pro may not ever officially launch outside of China


Xiaomi unveiled the 14 and 14 Pro flagship smartphones at the end of October, and they went on sale in China a few days later. As usual, we were expecting them to get a global launch at some point in the near future – that’s how things have gone so far with Xiaomi’s end-of-year releases. They are first announced for China, then a few months later there’s a global launch too.

That will apparently still happen for the Xiaomi 14, but the Xiaomi 14 Pro won’t be joining it, according to a new report today. The information is inferred through looking at what software the company is developing for international markets.

Xiaomi 14 Pro may not ever officially launch outside of China

The bad news is that there’s no more ongoing software development for global versions of Xiaomi’s HyperOS for the 14 Pro, unlike the 14 which is still seeing a lot of development. Of course, there’s a chance that the source of this information isn’t aware that there’s another place to look for those builds on Xiaomi’s servers.

But it does seem like only one of the 14 models will be escaping China, and perhaps it makes a tiny bit of sense. If a 14 Ultra is coming too, and it has to be, then the 14 Pro could end up as a forgotten middle child in the company’s portfolio, so maybe its market research showed that people would either go for the vanilla model or the everything and the kitchen sink approach of the Ultra, without much space in between.

If you’ve been patiently waiting for the 14 Pro’s international launch, this definitely won’t be great to hear, but it’s not official yet, so there’s still a chance, perhaps. We might find out quite soon, as rumor has it the 14’s global debut will happen in January (and it should also land in India at a later date).


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