“He meant everything he said”


WWE Hall of Famer Bully Ray believes the animosity between CM Punk and Seth Rollins is real.

Rollins was seen reacting angrily and swearing at Punk following the latter’s return at Survivor Series: WarGames last month. The two had previously harshly criticized each other in interviews. The Visionary even dubbed Punk a “cancer,” and urged him to stay away from WWE.

Last night on RAW, Rollins confronted Punk in the ring after The Best in the World signed an exclusive contract with the red brand. He demanded that the 45-year-old returning star to not call the company his “home.” The Visionary also told Punk that he hated him.

Speaking on Busted Open Podcast, Bully Ray addressed the promo, claiming the animosity between the two superstars is real. He also disclosed that he believes Rollins meant everything he said to Punk.

“I believe it is all real. First of all, the animosity between Seth and Punk. And I think Seth has more animosity for Punk because we know what Seth said while Punk was away. He meant everything he said, talking about how Punk ‘don’t you ever call this place home.’ Dave, what was the biggest problem that I had with Punk’s promo on RAW? [You thought that it was safe.] But I didn’t like the word ‘home,'” he said.

The Hall of Famer added:

“Now, Mark brings up a good point when he says, ‘you know, sometimes things happen at home that cause you to leave home but then over time get worked out, and you get brought back and you come back home.’ And that is a valid point coz that could happen in real life, that can happen in the world of pro wrestling, it can happen anywhere. But man, the hatred, the vitriol that Punk had for the WWE. If that Jack Perry incident doesn’t happen right before Punk and Joe go to the ring at All In, is CM Punk going home? [No.] Exactly. So, he didn’t go home because he wanted to go home. He went home because he probably needed to go home.” [8:10 – 9:41]


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