Tip your Amazon driver: How to thank Amazon’s delivery drivers for free this year


FREE $5 TIP: As of Dec. 14, thank your Amazon delivery driver with a $5 tip at no cost to you. This offer is available for customers up to the first 2 million “thank you” requests. Read on to learn how it works.

Where would we be without our Amazon delivery drivers? They work tirelessly to make sure we get all our shiny new Amazon purchases safely and on time. And make no mistake, they’ve got a ton of deliveries to make, especially around the holidays.

If you like getting your new tech or last-minute gifts with that snazzy two-day shipping, you can thank an Amazon delivery driver today with a $5 tip. That’s a free tip, at no cost to you. Read on to learn more about how you can take advantage of this promotion and make a delivery driver feel appreciated during the busiest time of the year.

How to thank your Amazon driver for free

Amazon will award the first 2 million drivers who receive “thank you” wishes from customers, limited to one tip per delivery. It’s simple and only takes a few steps to complete. It may not seem like a lot at first, but a $5 tip per driver per order will quickly add up.

To pass along your thanks, head to this page and click the yellow button labeled “Thank my driver.” Alternatively, say “Alexa, thank my driver” to your Echo-enabled device or search “Thank my driver” on Amazon via web browser or app. This will issue a thanks for your most recent delivery within the past 14 days.

Every delivery driver who’s brought a package to your home in the United States is eligible for a “thank you” and a $5 tip. You won’t be able to retroactively thank any of your previous drivers outside of your 14-day window, and you’ll only be able to issue one to the driver who delivered your most recent order.

While you can thank your driver multiple times for the same delivery, only one $5 credit per order will be issued. So while you might be feeling super thankful for that sweater that got here 10 days before Christmas, you can only send $5 to your driver via this promotion.

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While there’s no expiration date for this offer, it will end as soon as 2 million “thank yous” have been reached. That will see the end of $5 tips being awarded per request. You’ll always be able to send a message of thanks and support to your driver going forward, but the $5 tip will no longer be applied after that.

And luckily, no Grinches are allowed here in terms of “thank you” cancellations. Once you send one, it’s sent. You can’t take back your appreciation if you thank a driver, but you can take any questions or concerns to an Amazon customer service agent.

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