What did Chicago Wolves HC Bob Nardella do? All we know about his mammoth 10-game suspension


In shocking news, Chicago Wolves head coach Bob Nardella has been handed a 10-game suspension by the American Hockey League (AHL) following his actions during a game at Texas on December 9. The AHL took to Twitter to announce the suspension, sparking curiosity among hockey enthusiasts about the nature of Nardella’s transgressions and the repercussions he faces.

AHL Communications tweeted:

“Chicago Wolves head coach Bob Nardella has been suspended for 10 games as a consequence of his actions in Saturday’s game at Texas.”

The official statement from the AHL provided some clarity on the matter, revealing that Nardella was assessed a game misconduct for abuse of officials at 8:48 in the third period during the game in question.

The reason behind the severe suspension became apparent when it was disclosed that the 55-year-old had used homophobic language, a clear violation of the league’s commitment to fostering a culture that is safe, inclusive, and free from all forms of abuse, harassment, or unethical behavior.

The AHL’s strong stance against such behavior is evident in their swift and decisive action to address the issue. The 10-game suspension serves as a stern warning and a measure to uphold the league’s values, sending a message that discriminatory language and conduct will not be tolerated.

As part of the suspension terms, Nardella will be allowed to participate in team practices on non-game days, offering him a chance to remain engaged with the team during this period of forced absence. The suspension is set to conclude on January 6, allowing Nardella to return to the Wolves bench and resume his coaching duties.

The swift response to Nardella’s actions shows the importance of accountability in professional sports and sends a clear message that such behavior has no place in the AHL.

Chicago Wolves forward Dominic Franco also received suspension

In addition to Nardella’s suspension, the AHL’s Player Safety Committee also addressed the actions of Chicago Wolves forward Dominic Franco. Franco received a one-game suspension due to his actions during the same game at Texas on December 9. This suspension resulted from Franco accumulating his second game misconduct in the “abuse of officials” category this season. As a result, he was ineligible to participate in Chicago‘s game on December 12 against Iowa.

The league’s actions against Chicago Wolves’s Nardella and Franco are an attempt to maintain the highest standards of sportsmanship and conduct both on and off the ice. The disciplinary measures reinforce the league‘s dedication to creating an environment that is respectful, inclusive, and free from any form of discrimination or misconduct.

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