Asmongold reacts to Mouse trailer, compares it to an “FPS Cuphead”


Twitch star ZackRawrr, popularly known as Asmongold, is known for streaming World of Warcraft and many other MMORPG games. He also uploads clips from his livestreams to his YouTube channel, Asmongold Clips. In a recent clip, the streamer was seen reacting to the new trailer for Mouse while comparing it to a Cuphead-style FPS. The comparison was made due to the game’s art, which is heavily inspired by the 1920s and 1930s.

He said:

“Mouse, this actually seems interesting. What is this an FPS Cuphead? This is pretty good. This actually looks decent. It looks like it plays well.”

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The content creator also questioned if Disney would take the title down due to the heavy influence of Mickey Mouse. He said:

“So I mean, won’t Disney shut this down? It’s that it looks just like a Disney cartoon. It’s very very close and it’s even called Mouse which is clearly referring to Mickey Mouse.”

Towards the end of the clip, the YouTuber answered his own question about Disney, stating that Mickey Mouse will be a part of the public domain in 2024, so the game likely won’t be sued.

“I’m impressed”: Fans react to Asmongold’s comments about Mouse trailer

Asmongold is known for reacting to new games, trailers, controversies, and even clips of other streamers. He most recently reacted to Baldur Gate 3’s Game of the Year win at The Game Awards 2023.

The streamer also got involved in some drama with Pokimane regarding her new cookie brand.

As the YouTuber reacted to the Mouse trailer, he stated that the game looked amazing and that he was eagerly waiting for it to be released. Many fans felt the same way and commented on the clip.

One user said they were impressed by the improvements that the Mouse developer made from the initial teaser:

“I’m impressed on how much improvement they made with the both animation and gameplay compared to their early announcements.”

User reacting to Mouse trailer (Image via YouTube/@Asmongold Clips)
User reacting to Mouse trailer (Image via YouTube/@Asmongold Clips)

Here are other comments that showed enthusiasm and appreciation for the trailer:

Users reacting to Mouse trailer (Image via YouTube/@AsmonClips)
Users reacting to Mouse trailer (Image via YouTube/@AsmonClips)

Mouse is scheduled to be released in 2025 and is developed by Fumi Games. The trailer and initial gameplay videos can be found on Steam.

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