Bryan Johnson says $2M anti-aging regimen includes ‘scheduled sex’


Bryan Johnson takes playing hard to get to a whole new level, even forewarning his potential lovers that dating the 46-year-old tech tycoon means “scheduled sex, no small talk” and that lovers shouldn’t expect to be the “#1 priority.”

Johnson’s routine includes a 5 a.m. wakeup time, one-hour exercise regimen, four to five hours of “concentrated thought,” 111 supplements, a 2,250-calorie vegan diet, blood transfusions and daily health tests, as well as a rigid bedtime routine where he’s hooked up to a machine that counts his nighttime erections.

Though Johnson has “tried to date,” as he shared on the “Diary of a CEO” podcast this summer, his commitment to such a strict regimen screams “proceed with caution” — and he doesn’t make it much easier on himself, tacking on 10 more peculiar requests he expects of a romantic partner.

He shared his list of expectations on X, which Johnson said he shares on first dates.

The top two priorities: being able share an 11 a.m. dinner and an 8:30 p.m. bedtime — though there can’t be any pillow talk, as that’s the third-most important thing to Johnson, per his tweet.

It’s an easy ask considering he also expects his girlfriend to “sleep alone.”

Anti-aging obsessed billionaire Bryan Johnson listed his top 10 expectations of a romantic partner, and they include a peculiar array of requests, including eating dinner at 11 a.m., scheduling sex and having to give their blood plasma.
Johnson has said that his strict daily regimen — which includes taking 111 supplements and eating a 2,250-calorie vegan diet within a six-hour window — makes it difficult to date. Bryan Johnson/Blueprint

While he’s at it, “no small talk, rly don’t care,” he added as the No. 5 most important thing to him in a woman.

Also, expect “no sunny vacations” and “scheduled sex,” warned Johnson, who also said to any potential dates: “ur not my #1 priority.”

Johnson also sets the outlandish standard that his girlfriend “must give plasma,” a treatment he partakes in that he insists boosts his immortality.

Earlier this year, the 46-year-old even tapped his then-17-year-old son as his personal “blood boy” as part of a tri-generational blood swap that also enlisted Johnson’s 70-year-old father, Richard.

During the plasma swap in May, Johnson, his son and his dad had nearly one liter of blood drained. Talmage’s plasma was fed into Johnson’s veins and Jonson’s plasma was fed into Richard’s veins.

Though he previously stated that he won’t be swapping plasma with his child again because there were “no benefits detected,” Johnson insisted that the treatment shaved 25 years off his dad’s biological clock.

It’s unclear if he ever had his ex-fiancée, TV actress Taryn Southern, partake in a blood plasma swap, though Johnson’s unreasonable expectations of his former flame did push her to file a bombshell civil complaint in California Superior Court.

Johnson frequently partakes in expensive blood plasma transfusions, which he insists turn back his biological clock. Bryan Johnson/YouTube
Johnson is locked in an ugly court battle with his ex-fiancée, Taryn Southern, who described the 46-year-old as a “manipulative” and “controlling” lover. Getty Images for Tribeca Film Festival

In the 2021 lawsuit, Southern claims Johnson was a “manipulative” and “controlling” serial cheater who pressured Southern to give up her job as a content creator to devote her time working for him for free.

Southern also alleged Johnson had flings with “more than a dozen women” during their relationship, which began in 2016, while also paying for prostitutes and pursuing women through “Sugar Daddy” apps — all of which he was reluctant to give up when she demanded monogamy.

Johnson, who made his fortune by selling payment processing firm Braintree Payment Solution to eBay for $800 million in cash, also demanded Southern “share a full list of her past sexual partners with him and describe the sexual acts that took place,” according to the lawsuit.

When the relationship improved two years later, Johnson proposed marriage with a cat-shaped engagement ring, according to Vanity Fair, which described the proposal as a “grand gesture” during sunset at Bombay Beach, Calif.

The following year, the whirlwind romance ended just as Southern was coming to the end of her breast cancer treatments.

Southern said in her complaint that Johnson threw her out of the home they shared at that time.

Johnson’s strict regimen also includes a one-hour workout, four to five hours of “concentrated thought” and an 8:30 p.m. bedtime. Bryan Johnson/Blueprint

Johnson, in turn, accused Southern of attempting to extort him by “threaten[ing] to make outlandish and salacious allegations about [him] in public forums unless he paid her exorbitant demands,” according to a separate filing.

It turns out Southern’s employment agreement at Johnson’s neuro-technology company Kernel contained a clause stating that any dispute arising from her employment had to be resolved in arbitration, Vanity Fair noted.

Thus, Southern was made responsible for paying Johnson’s legal fees, which totaled $584,199.16, plus 10% annual interest.

Southern filed a petition to vacate the attorneys fee, which stated: “I am now being ordered to pay a life-altering amount of money to a man I worked for for four years, full-time, at a steep discount because of his future promises,” per a declaration filed with her petition obtained by Vanity Fair.

“A man who discarded me when I got cancer, who reneged on his promises of support and then bullied and manipulated me into signing an agreement that benefits only him,” Southern added in the petition.

Her request was denied in September.

The Post has sought comment from Johnson and Southern via her lawyer, Caleb Liang.

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