Greg Norman says Jon Rahm has received multiple requests from golfers for the vacant 2-3 spots in LIV Golf


Jon Rahm’s move to the LIV Golf circuit, led by Greg Norman, continues to get the golf world talking. Amid the turmoil that the move has caused, the former golfer has not shied away from asserting that the best is yet to come.

Norman has been airing the projected growth for LIV Golf since before Rahm joined, but according to the 68-year-old, the signing of the Spaniard has represented a growth of interest in players who are not yet part of the circuit.

According to ESPN, Greg Norman said that between eight and 12 players have expressed interest in joining the team that Jon Rahm will lead. This is what Norman said about it:

“I’ll be honest with you, since Jon signed, I know he’s been inundated by players saying, ‘I want to play on your team, Jon. How do I get on that?’ And I have been inundated and my other team members, too, my C-suite within the organization. I can tell you, hand on my heart, between eight and 12 guys for about two or three spots and maybe two spots, to be honest with you.”

BBC, meanwhile, reported that Greg Norman stated for The World Business Report that Jon Rahm’s arrival at LIV Golf will create a “domino effect” in the arrival of players. He said:

“To have Jon on board was critically important to our future and what we want to do. It will create a domino effect, there will be more apples falling from the tree – no question about it, because LIV continues to develop.”

Jon Rahm announced his signing with LIV Golf on December 7. The amount for his signing has not been disclosed, but most rumors place it around $500 million.

The effects of Jon Rahm within LIV Golf

At 29 years old, Jon Rahm has won two majors and 18 tournaments between the PGA Tour and DP World Tour. He is ranked third in the world and no one doubts his status as one of the top names in world golf today.

Beyond the attraction of other players that, according to Greg Norman, his arrival has represented, Rahm’s effects have already been felt within LIV Golf.

Suffice it to say that one of the hallmarks of the circuit, the 54-hole tournaments, is no longer written in stone, far from it. None other than the individual champion of the 2023 season, Talor Gooch, is certain that going to 72 holes is not off the table at all.

So said Gooch for Golf Digest this Tuesday, December 12:

“But you get both sides… guys who would welcome (changing to 72 holes) and some guys who are opposed to it. Discussions will be had and it’ll be interesting to see what comes of it.”

Months before signing with LIV Golf, Rahm had said that one of the aspects of the circuit he rejected was the 54-hole format with the shotgun method. Later, he signed. The matter is, apparently, already on the circuit’s agenda for review.

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