“He’s NFL-ready” – Desmond Howard names Big Ten player as top-3 QB for the 2024 NFL draft


Desmond Howard said Michigan quarterback J.J. McCarthy will be the third quarterback taken in the 2024 NFL draft, a view that’s much different from many of his colleagues as well as fans and negated the prediction of many mock drafts.

On ESPN’s “College Football Live” on Tuesday, Howard, a college football analyst predicted McCarthy’s draft stock, which was not surprising considering his avid support for Michigan, his alma mater.

“Then you’ve got Caleb, we all know about Caleb Williams, what he brings to the table, and then J.J. McCarthy,” Howard said. “I think J.J. is a guy, when they start to really peel back the layers, he’s NFL-ready.”

J.J. McCarthy had a brilliant season with second-ranked Michigan (13-0) in 2023. The quarterback led the Wolverines to another unbeaten regular season, winning the Big Ten and securing a place in the College Football Playoff. He is expected to be a coveted pick in the draft.

Desmond Howard believes Jayden Daniels will be the first quarterback pick

While many have predicted Caleb Williams as the first pick for the 2024 NFL draft, Desmond Howard doesn’t have the same feeling. The analyst believes LSU quarterback Jayden Daniels, who recently won the Heisman Trophy, will be the first quarterback selected.

Howard agreed with the opinion of Matt Miller about Daniels being one the most improved players in college football. He zoomed back to how he transitioned from leading the Arizona State offense to where he currently is to showcase the great leap.

“I like Jayden Daniels, and Matt Miller hit it on the head. He said he’s probably one of the most improved players in the country, but not just from last season to this season,” Howard said

“We’re talking about from Arizona State to where he is now. I mean, such a progression, development. The way this young man processes everything, and the way he attacks the game. So, I love, when you look at him from Arizona State, to the Heisman Trophy winner, just a great quarterback, great development.”

Caleb Williams comes second for Desmond Howard

Caleb Williams, who won the 2022 Heisman Trophy, will be the second quarterback pick in the upcoming draft after Jayden Daniels, according to Desmond Howard. This goes against the opinion of many college football analysts.

While Williams had a brilliant season stat-wise in 2023, USC had a disappointing outing in the second half of the season. This pretty much affected a lot for the quarterback during the season, including his chances of retaining the Heisman Trophy.

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