Jenna Bush Hager “Hides” Some Of Her 4-Year-Old’s Birthday Gifts And Gifts Them During Christmas “Or To Other Children”: “Is That Bad?”


Not only does Jenna Bush Hager throw away her kids’ participation trophies, but she recently admitted that she also regifts some of their birthday presents!

The daytime host made the shocking confession during Friday’s broadcast of Today after she and Hoda Kotb accused each other of regifting presents they’ve given each other. Bush Hager admitted that she and her husband sometimes “hide” some gifts that their youngest child receives for his birthday so that they can regift them during Christmas.

“They get too many presents from the kids in their class, so we hide some,” she explained. “And we mainly can only do it to one child, who will remain nameless.”

Kotb guessed that Bush Hager was talking about her middle child, Poppy, which she denied. “No, the youngest who doesn’t really know,” she corrected, referring to her four-year-old son, Hal.

Bush Hager joked that while her son is distracted while opening his birthday gifts, she’s often telling her husband to “take those to the closet!”

After she explained their process through her laughter, Kotb clarified, “So you’re like, ‘Open these,’ [and] while he’s opening the gifts, you’re squirreling away some of the presents, and then those later become gifts under the tree?”

As her co-host confirmed, Kotb could not stop laughing at her confession.

Jenna Bush and Hoda Kotb
Photo: NBC

Her co-host admitted that the gifts either go “under the tree” or “to other children.” She asked Kotb, “Is that bad? Don’t tell! Ya’ll better not tell.”

This comes just weeks after Bush Hager also admitted that she often throws out the participation trophies her children receive.

“I’m feeling tremendous guilt because my kids don’t have one trophy in the house,” she told Kotb. She later added, “Even though they’re completely average, they’ve won all these trophies, and I throw them all out.”

Kotb, on the other hand, appeared to keep at least some of her daughters’ trophies. “I remember that feeling of what it felt like to get something earned,” she told her co-host, which only seemed to make her feel more “guilty.”

But Bush Hager promised that she was “going to start being better about this” and saving at least one trophy per month.

Today with Jenna and Hoda airs on weekdays at 10/9c on NBC.

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