New ALDI Festive Grocery Finds | Including Team-Favorite Sugar Cookie Hummus – YUM!


These Aldi grocery finds have our mouths watering! Hurry and scoop these deals while they’re available!

sugar cookie hummus at aldi

New ALDI grocery finds are tempting our taste buds! 😋

We love scanning the aisles (and weekly ads) at ALDI to see what fun and unique foods they are offering week-to-week! They are always adding all kinds of yummy treats, snacks, and meats, and the new holiday additions are no exception!

This week was full of festive treats that are perfect for a holiday gathering! These Aldi grocery finds include everything from mint chocolate hummus to gingerbread donuts to peppermint ice cream!

ALDI is known for stocking aisles with one-of-a-kind foods that are also affordable, which means you can stock your pantry with yummy snacks, seasonal coffees, and more without breaking the bank!

Check out the latest ALDI grocery finds…

Hand holding up a box of Aldi Holiday nuggets from our list of Aldi Grocery Finds

Kirkwood Holiday Chicken Nuggets
Only $5.99!

3 boxes of Aldi gluten free donuts in various holiday flavors like pumpkin and gingerbread

Live Gfree Gluten Free Donuts – Cranberry, Pumpkin, & Gingerbread
Only $4.99!

Seasonal dessert hummus from Aldi in Sugar Cookie and Chocolate Mint

Chocolate Mint or Sugar Cookie Hummus
Only $1.99!

Hand holding a container of Peppermint Chip Canoli Dip from our Aldi Grocery Finds list

Peppermint Chip Cannoli Dip
Only $3.69!

Hand holding up a package of holiday Macaroons from Aldi

Bake Shop Bakery Macaroons with Chocolatey Drizzle
Only $5.99!

Hand holding up gingerbread sandwich cookies, seasonal baked goods from Aldi that are on our Aldi grocery finds list

Bake Shop Bakery Gingerbread Sandwich Cookies
Only $4.79!

hand holding up a package of Aldi sugar cookie donuts

Bake Shop Bakery Sugar Cookie Donuts
Only $3.89!

Boxes of Sparkling Fresh Sugarplum Apple Cider at Aldi which is one of this week's Aldi grocery finds

Sparkling Fresh SugarPlum Apple Cider
Only $3.89! 

Cinnamon Spread from Aldi

Specially Selected Cinnamon Bun Spread & Ginger Caramel Spread
Only $2.99! 

Two bags of chocolate and vanilla brioche

Specially Selected Vanilla Cream or Chocolate Chip Christmas Tree Brioche
Only $7.49! 

Aldi Christmas Tree Ice Cream Bars

Sundae Shoppe Vanilla or Mint Christmas Tree Ice Cream Bars
Only $3.49! 

Pints of Aldi Ice Cream in flavors Peppermint and Hot Cocoa

Sundae Shoppe Hot Cocoa or Peppermint Ice Cream Pints
Only $1.99! 

hand holding up a bag of connelly's 12 days of Irish cream

Connelly’s 12 Days of Irish Cream
Only $29.99!

Barissimo Coffee Barista Cold Foam in Sweet Vanilla and Mocha Fudge - two great Aldi grocery deals

Barissimo Coffee Barista Cold Foam in Sweet Vanilla or Mocha Fudge
Only $4.79!

Plus, check out the newest ALDI weekly finds!

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