Trash Pandas Card Game Only $4.99 on Amazon (Reg. $12) | Great Stocking Stuffer!


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Hurry over to Amazon or Kohl’ where you can score the Trash Pandas The Raucous Raccoon Card Game for only $4.99 (regularly $11.97) – the lowest price!

A totally hilarious addition to game night, Trash Pandas reinforces visual discrimination and probability and would make an awesome stocking stuffer.

In this fun card game, you are a raucous raccoon, on a rampage tipping over trash cans for food! Push your luck to acquire and stash as many cards as possible to score points at the end of the game. The game ends when the deck runs out. The Trash Panda with the most points wins.

trash pandas card game spread out on a table next to a stuffed panda (not a raccooon)

Not sure about this one? 

The components are great! The cards deal well and all the pieces are fun to use. This game requires some ‘think ahead’ planning throughout the play, but it’s still fun even if you don’t get enough points to win.

I think it would work well with kids learning how to plan and strategize in gameplay. Because the components are enjoyable and the raccoons are adorable the game is fun no matter who wins. And kids learn to think ahead.

This is a great game of risk management, balancing benefits with costs of various options, and planning ahead. All packaged into a very funny game about raccoons stealing from trash and stashing the spoils.

I’m an avid board game player and I usually lean toward more complex games, but it’s hard to get family and many friends to play something that takes a while to explain and learn. So I’m delighted when I find a game that’s fun to play with family instead of boring for me. Trash Pandas is genuinely fun, giving a great set of mechanics that’s pretty easy to quickly explain and start playing.

There is some randomness involved in winning (cards you draw and how well pushing your luck serves you), but I like how much my strategy matters. When the game ends, your cards in hand do nothing for you; it’s all about the cards you stashed, what you chose to play instead of stash away, and how well you gauged what other players were stashing.

It’s a great game for friends or family, and I recommend it.

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