Utah woman Kathryn Smith seen hurling racial slurs at interracial family charged with assault: police


The Utah woman accused of going on a multi-month racist campaign against her biracial neighbors, hurling racial slurs, and assaulting a pregnant woman has been arrested — as the victims hired a civil rights attorney against their tormentor.

Unified Police Department of Greater Salt Lake issued a warrant for Kathryn Smith’s arrest after several videos of her racist rants towards the Midvale couple surfaced online.

Smith, 67, was arrested Tuesday and charged with property damage/destruction and assault, two misdemeanors, Salt Lake County arrest records show.

“Kathryn Smith was taken into custody last night on her outstanding warrants,” Midvale Mayor Marcus Stevenson shared on X. “I’m hoping that this is a positive step for the healing of the targeted family, the affected neighborhood, Ms. Smith, and our entire community.”

She was released on her recognizance after paying her $1,000 bond, according to Fox13.

The family began recording Smith’s hate campaign in May when a neighbor asked the couple for help installing a camera after they were having trouble with Smith.

The now-viral video, posted by social media influencer TizzyEnt on X, has been seen over 1.9 million times since it was first posted on Dec. 11.

Kathryn Smith was arrested on Tuesday night on two warrants for property damage/destruction and assault after videos of her racist rants went viral. tiktok.com/@tizzyent

The influencer shared just some of the “hundreds” of videos the couple has of Smith allegedly harassing them and their 9-year-old son, including her repeatedly shouting slurs like the N-word and “wetback piece of s—t,” the derogatory term for a Mexican living in the US.

The family has decided to pursue legal action against Smith and hired civil rights attorney Tyler Ayres, who claimed Smith has been harassing them since 2019.

“She has no reservation about using the N-word,” Ayres told KUTV. “She has no reservation about using them at children. Not even just in front of children, but directly at them.”

“She’s expecting a baby any day now, and hopefully that child doesn’t have to grow up hearing these things, ’cause that honestly is the true horror of it.”

One video showed the mother confronting Smith for allegedly threatening her 9-year-old son with feeding him to her cats. TikTok/@IzzyEnt
During her confrontation, Smith became hostile, yelling into the woman’s face and even forcibly poking the pregnant woman’s stomach while shouting “Get the f—-g baby out of here.” 

The angered mother had confronted Smith after the couple’s son was threatened by the woman, telling him to “Get in your house, n—r! I’m going to feed you to my Savannah cats.”

During her confrontation, Smith became hostile, yelling into the woman’s face and even forcibly poking the pregnant woman’s stomach while shouting “Get the f—-g baby out of here.” 

“My client’s child is scared,” Ayres told ABC News. “My client is expecting a new baby and all of this extra stress, including the violence that was meted out upon her when this woman poked her stomach, it’s done nothing to help her pregnancy and as a matter of fact, I think it’s pretty clear that it is hurting.”

Smith’s most recent attack allegedly occurred Sunday, when she shouted “I hear you have a nappy-headed baby in there.”

The couple has “hundreds” of videos of Smith driving and walking past their home shouting slurs directed towards them and their son. Ayres Law Firm

Prior to her arrest, the Unified Police Department said “We believe that the behavior in the video is disgusting. To be clear, Midvale City condemns this conduct.”

“Our community takes great pride in our diversity; racism has no place in Midvale,” it added.

While police arrested Smith on two warrants for assault and property destruction, the woman still has two warrants for speeding and failing to register an expired vehicle, state records show.

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