The MMA Guru’s perfect impression of commentator Jon Anik has UFC bantamweight in splits


Jon Anik was recently impersonated by a YouTuber, and a rising UFC-signed 135-pounder got quite a kick out of it.

Appearing on The MSP Show hosted by Cameron Saaiman, The MMA Guru fielded a myriad of topics but also took time to get a little silly.

The two were doing playful faux commentary over Lauren Murphy versus Miesha Tate when The MMA Guru delved into emulating UFC’s lead play-by-play announcer. Guru referenced the Edwards vs Usman I commentary line, “that is not the cloth from which Leon Edwards is cut,” as Kamaru Usman was felled with a head kick at that perfect juncture.

MMA Guru also did a throwover to guest commentator Darren Till while doing his Anik impression. Guru proceeded to impersonate the former UFC welterweight title challenger for a bit as Saaiman had a tough time controlling his laughter.

Check out Guru doing an impression of Anik below (from 36:05):


Jon Anik and iconic calls in MMA history

The aforementioned UFC 278 call of Leon Edwards’ UFC title win in August of last year understandably stands out as Jon Anik’s career-defining call so far. However, the former Bellator announcer has had several memorable octagon utterances during his tenure with the Ultimate Fighting Championship.

Jon Anik has been calling fights since UFC 155 as a fill-in for then-broadcaster Mike Goldberg. He began his career opposite Joe Rogan but has also shown great chemistry with Daniel Cormier, Dominick Cruz, and a whole host of other talented color commentators.

Mauro Ranallo’s memorable Pride call during Kevin Randleman’s knockout of Mirko Cro Cop is a memorable one. The fervent passion underpinning the call conveyed the nature of the upset at the time as the former UFC heavyweight champion felled the K-1 veteran.

Joe Rogan is an unavoidable name in this conversation if not for his prominence across major mixed martial arts broadcasts for generations now. The hugely popular podcaster and former Fear Factor host has had memorable calls in Anderson Silva vs Vitor Belfort (“he front kicked him in the face!”).

But several fights were punctuated by a swell of passion that was largely just yelling i.e. the Serra vs GSP I upset, Mir vs Big Nog II arm break, and so many more.

Mike Goldberg also stands out in that same vein with his iconic lines of “it is all over” and “virtually identical” and several identifiable sayings serving as the soundtrack to some of the biggest moments in the history of this sport.

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