Wet days ahead for NYC as white Christmas dreams dampened


Dreams of a white Christmas likely won’t come true for many this year — but New Yorkers can count on dashing through more rain.

Another wet and windy weekend is in store for the Big Apple leading into the week before Santa’s arrival.

The powerful storm is set to hit Sunday into Monday and soak the entire East Coast, barreling north from Florida and dropping a fast falling 2-to-3 inches overnight.

“Again, it’s rainy for one half of the weekend and another messy commute to start off the week,” Fox Weather meteorologist Samantha Thomas told The Post.

Wind advisories are in effect for the tri-state area from midnight Sunday until noon Monday, with 50 mph gusts possible.

Stronger gusts may strike Long Island.

Minor flooding is possible in coastal areas, according to the National Weather Service.

The city issued a travel advisory on Saturday afternoon, warning of travel delays, and likely flooding in New York Harbor and Jamaica Bay.

Two to 3 inches of rain is expected to fall Sunday night into Monday, making for a messy morning commute. FOX Weather

Mayor Adams recommended clearing catch basins “to make sure the rain ends up in the sewers and not in our basements and streets.”

Frosty wouldn’t last in these temperatures, which are expected to reach 60 on Monday.

They should drop back down to the mid-40s later in the week.

Gusts likely won’t be as strong as predicted last week, meaning most holiday decorations should be in the clear.

The powerful storm is set to hit Sunday into Monday and soak the entire East Coast, barreling north from Florida. AP

“Do you have to take every decoration down? Probably not,” said Thomas. “I would deflate the inflatable ones but I don’t think everything you own is going to end up down the street.”

For early Christmas and post-Hanukkah travelers, wind and rain combined with low clouds may slow arrivals and departures from airports and drivers should beware of slick roads.

The system is expected to merge with a storm bringing rain and light snow to Texas, meteorologists predict.

Parts of the Carolinas, Georgia, and the Florida Panhandle could see 3-5 inches of rain with flash floods possible before the storm moves out of the region on Monday.

Snow could fall up north, in the Appalachians, New England, and interior Northeast.

Wind advisories are in effect for the NYC area for the second week in a row as many plan to hold on tight to their holiday decorations once again, according to reports. FOX Weather

There’s but a snowball’s chance of a white Christmas for much of the country this holiday season.

“A white Christmas doesn’t seem likely for the Northeast or most parts of the country, except the mountains, where there’s already snow,” Thomas said. “We’re not the only ones missing out.”

The last Christmas with snow on the ground in the New York Metro area was 2009 and the last one with snowfall was 2002, she said.

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