Absent AEW star claims he is a “cheeky” Devil


A former WWE Superstar has recently teased him being the Devil of AEW. With the masked man’s identity still unknown, anything is possible. The person in question would be Shawn Spears (fka Tye Dillinger).

The Chairman has been with All Elite Wrestling since their first show in 2019, following his departure from WWE that same year. He has recently been more inactive on the promotion, with his last live appearance being at the All Out pay-per-view three months ago, and his last singles contest being back in July.

On Twitter, Shawn Spears had a one-sentence post, but one that may be a reference to AEW’s longest-running current storyline. He teased being a “cheeky Devil”. With him not appearing as much in AEW, the possibility cannot be ruled out, and he could be the man in the mask.

“I’m a cheeky Devil.” Spears tweeted

AEW star Shawn Spears reveals CM Punk played a part in him going back to WWE

Shawn Spears has been in professional wrestling for decades now. He recently revealed that CM Punk played a part in his best and final run with WWE. His first run with the promotion was between 2006-2009, and following his release, he went back to the independent circuit.

He revealed that he was given a tryout a few years later because of CM Punk’s recommendation. He revealed that he was on Punk’s list of wrestlers in the indies who would be great in WWE

“An opportunity came up to for another tryout, and the only reason I got that was because CM Punk, who was the world champion at the time, put my name [on a list]. He was asked for 10 guys on the indies who he thought should be signed, and he put my name on that list.”

This was enough as eventually he went back to WWE, and stayed with the promotion for another six years, until departing once more and heading to AEW. Today, he still credits The Straight Edge Superstar and how this helped him have connections within the industry.

“I didn’t get back into that tryout because I’d been killing it on the indies. I was just pretty much primarily working in Canada. I wasn’t making waves anywhere else. I didn’t work for any other companies. I got back there because the connections and context I had made my first time around [with guys like CM Punk].” (H/T PWMania)


If Shawn Spears does end up being the Devil, this would be something no one had expected, and this would be an interesting way to bring him back to the fray.

What are your reactions to the idea of him being the Devil? Let us know in the comments section below.

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