Heisman winner Charles Woodson believes Jim Harbaugh’s team can become the best in Michigan history


Former Michigan cornerback Charles Woodson said that Jim Harbaugh’s team can become the best in school history if the team wins the national championship against Washington in Houston, Texas, on Monday.

On the “Rich Eisen Show,” the 1997 Heisman Trophy winner chose the current team over his 1997 national championship-winning team. He believes not participating in playoffs then and sharing the national title with Nebraska watered down the 1997 set’s achievement.

“If they go on and win this game, they’re the greatest team in Michigan history,” Woodson said. “Hands down. One of the reasons is because we didn’t get a chance to play in the playoff and play 1 versus 2 or whatever that is.

“We went out and played in the Rose Bowl, played Washington State, and we’ll always have that kind of ‘co-champ’ connected with us as national champions. This would be a team that went through the gauntlet. This would be a team that went through the playoffs.”

Charles Woodson praises Michigan’s defense following the Rose Bowl performances

Rose Bowl: Alabama vs. Michigan
Rose Bowl: Alabama vs. Michigan

Michigan’s defense played an important role in the 27-20 overtime victory over Alabama in the Rose Bowl on Monday. The unit put up an impressive performance, especially in the first half, and sacked Jalen Milroe six times throughout the game.

“There were so many ups and downs,” Woodson said. “I have so many emotions, man. But to watch this defense, at the end of the game, have to get a stop.

“They put the ball in their main guy’s hands, and, again, the defensive line just playing physical, gap penetration, the quarterback had nowhere to go, and that thing was over. What a game!”

Another impressive performance will be needed from the Wolverines’ defensive unit against the Huskies in the national championship game. Washington boasts one of the best offenses in college football this season, led by Michael Penix Jr.

Charles Woodson urges Michigan to win the national title

Rose Bowl: Michigan
Rose Bowl: Michigan

Should Michigan win the national title, it may be doubt be tainted by the sign-stealing allegations the program is engulfed in. Nonetheless, Charles Woodson has urged the team to go on to win it.

“For our guys, if they’re going to call you cheaters, you might as well win it,” Woodson said. “Then, guess what? Forever they have to call you a national champion. So, go get it done.”

The NCAA is investigating the Wolverines for allegedly conducting in-person scouting at future opponents’ games. The operation is believed to be led by the university’s former staffer Conor Stallions.

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