Life Savers Collisions Gummy Candy 7oz Bag Just $1.90 Shipped on Amazon


a womans hand holding up two 7 ounce bags of Life savers gummy collisions

Amazon has sweet deals!

Hustle on over to Amazon where they are offering these Life Savers Collisions Gummy Candy 7oz Bags for just $1.90 shipped or less when you opt to Subscribe & Save!

This seems like a HOT deal, as these are priced at $2.79 plus shipping on!

These yummy gummies feature perfect flavor fusions of raspberry lemonade, cherry watermelon, and pineapple punch flavors. They’re great for snacking, taking on the go, adding to lunches, or sharing with friends.

Snag this deal for snacking on the go…

a womans hand holding up a 7 ounce bag of Life savers gummy collisions

I had tried some of the Life Savers gummies but not these flavor combinations. I was pleasantly surprised by the uniqueness and novelty of the candy. I still love, as an adult, putting things like raspberries and blackberries on my fingers. Then they eat them one by one without caring about the silliness. Lifesavers Gummies provided the same kind of yummy fun. These gummies were delicious, held up on a hot day – in a bag no less, and filled my need for fitting one on each finger, then eating each gummy – one at a time. 😂

The texture is soft and chewy without being so chewy that one would occasionally bite their tongue while enjoying it. The flavor combinations are well thought out and made doubling up on different flavor combinations totally yummy.

The amount per bag is generous but be careful, it is very easy to consume the whole bag! Worth the price and an excellent deal!

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