Samsung Galaxy S24 series price for screen, battery replacements in the EU revealed


Samsung is launching the Galaxy S24 series in less than two weeks, and the phones are expected to keep the same price as their predecessors. Today, we learned that repairs and hardware replacement will also cost the same, at least in the EU.

According to the same Slovenian repair shop Mobistekla that sent us images of the spare parts yesterday, the official prices aren’t confirmed since the phones haven’t been announced. However, their quotes include original parts, so it is fair to say repairing a broken screen of a Galaxy S24 Ultra will indeed be in the €375 ballpark.

Some of the services and products, offered by Mobistekla
Some of the services and products, offered by Mobistekla

The Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra is supposed to be slightly more durable, given that it will have a Titanium alloy frame instead of an aluminum one. We already gathered what to expect from the Ultra on January 17.

We also did the same for the Galaxy S24 and S24+ – Exynos 2400 chipset for almost everyone; some markets like the United States and Canada will likely get the Snapdragon 8 Gen 3, made by California-based Qualcomm.

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