‘Arcane’ Season 2 first look teases new ‘League of Legends’ character


After an agonizing, years-long wait, we finally have our first look at Season 2 of Arcane, the award-winning animated series based on League of Legends. And somehow, it looks even darker than Season 1.

The brief clip released by Netflix transports us into the depths of Zaun, where Singed (voiced by Brett Tucker), the scientist behind the drug Shimmer, is undergoing a blood transfusion. Where’s the blood coming from? A giant, wolf-like beast hanging from the ceiling — a character League of Legends fans will recognize as Warwick.

That’s all we get, so if you’re looking for any closure on Jinx’s (voiced by Yellowjackets Ella Purnell) attack on the Council of Piltover from the end of Season 1, you certainly won’t get it here. However, a popular fan theory believes that Warwick is the augmented form of Jinx and Vi’s (voiced by Spider-Man: Across The Spider-Verse’s Hailee Steinfeld) guardian Vander (voiced by JB Blanc), whom they both believe to be dead. If Vander really is alive — albeit nightmarishly changed — what does that spell for Arcane‘s two estranged sisters?

Arcane Season 2 premieres this Nov. on Netflix.

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