Arizona couple alleges dog sitter was drunk, let pooches loose as they received photo of wrong pet


She’s in the doghouse now.

An Arizona couple alleges the woman they hired to watch their dogs got drunk, trashed their home and kept the pooches in their crates for days while they were on vacation last month.

Brooke Gambino and Mohammad Kabiri hired a pet sitter off the app Rover who would watch their dogs — Goose and Bernardo — and house as they went on a 10-day trip between Dec. 14 and Christmas Day, with the only responsibilities of feeding the dogs and making sure they didn’t escape.

The couple had a test run with the sitter weeks earlier, which they say went off without any problems.

“She had great reviews and seemingly been on Rover for several years,” Gambino told 3TV/CBS 5.

The first three days went by without issue but the couple became wary of the sitter when they received messages that didn’t make sense, including pictures of a random dog.

Concerned about their dogs’ well-being, the couple asked a friend to stop by their house to make sure everything was ok.

“She stops by and says your dogs are alive, but your house is really messy, and she [the sitter] just seems like she’s off,” Gambino said.

Brooke Gambino and Mohammad Kabiri hired a pet sitter off the app Rover who would watch their dogs and house as they went on a 10-day trip between Dec. 14 and Christmas Day. 3TV/CBS 5)

When they returned from their vacation, Gambino and Kabiri claim their house was left a mess, with dirty duvet covers, stains on their wooden tables, a vape juice container, and random car keys.

They told the outlet they also found alcohol bottle caps lying around, which confirmed their suspicions of the sitter being drunk.

After their horrific discoveries, the couple checked their home security cameras which helped shed light on the pet sitter’s stay at their home.

Ring cameras outside the home captured the moment the two dogs escaped and ran around for nearly 30 minutes. 3TV/CBS 5)
The dog sitter also was caught bringing an unknown male back to the couple’s home. 3TV/CBS 5)

“The 17th is when everything falls apart,” Gambino added.

Ring footage captured the moment their two dogs got loose and ran around near a parking lot while a voice could be heard yelling “Get over here.”

The dogs were reportedly on the loose for 30 minutes before making their way back to the home as the sitter never made an appearance, according to KPNX.

Other videos captured a man walking out of the house yelling “Where are the dogs? What have you done?”

The couple became alerted to something being wrong when the sitter sent them strange messages including a pictured of a random dog. 3TV/CBS 5)

The cameras also caught the times the sitter had visited the home, with some only last minutes

“No one is home with the dogs for 23 hours, plus. They’re crated for three days straight,” Gambino told the outlet.

The sitter was also captured seemingly having trouble walking, stumbling into a bush before having difficulty standing back up.

“Well if you weren’t sober enough to care for our dogs, then that’s a problem,” said Gambino.

When they returned from their vacation, the couple found their home a mess, including dirty duvet covers. 3TV/CBS 5)
A pair of car keys were also found inside the home along with alcohol bottle caps. 3TV/CBS 5)

The sitter allegedly blamed her actions on needing the hospital because of a kidney infection but also added the dogs were fine.

Gambino said it was rough seeing their pets being treated poorly as they have been great additions to the house over the past couple of years.

“The dogs have been such an emotional support in these past few years that have just been rough, and they really are such a special part of our family,”

The couple said they are grateful their dogs are ok, but will not be using the Rover app again. 3TV/CBS 5)

Rover said they have suspended the sitter “pending the results of our investigation,” a statement shared with AZFamily read.

The company also shared they are providing a full refund to the couple along with providing any other support to them or their dogs.

“I think we’re kind of a little shocked more than anything, but relieved our dogs are ok,” the outraged couple said as they plan to stop using the service.

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