Daniel Cormier: “That’s how y’all get down in Missouri?”


The Tyron Woodley leaked video is still a hot topic in MMA media and Daniel Cormier cannot get enough of it.

Three days after the released NSFW video took MMA Twitter by storm, Cormier brought up the topic on his YouTube channel with former welterweight champion Ben Askren. Though the two retired fighters joked about the situation, Askren — a close friend of Woodley’s — clearly expressed remorse for his former teammate.

Bringing up Woodley in the video, Cormier said:

“Come on, man. Why did they have to do your boy [Woodley] like that? That’s how y’all get down in Missouri?… Finally, I got something that can make you uncomfortable… Tyron, he’s the king.”

Cormier would reference the two former welterweights’ friendship beginning at the University of Missouri. Askren and Woodley would meet as members of the school’s wrestling team and remain teammates for years after as they both transitioned into MMA.

Askren would respond:

“We’ve all been in that position at some time in our life. Don’t come on here and deny it, Daniel… I was texting with Tyron. It sucks that it got released, but we all do some stuff. I’m sure you’ve been down there before Daniel.”

The two would only touch on the Woodley situation for roughly one minute before moving on. In the brief video, they would also discuss the recently announced fight between Conor McGregor and Michael Chandler. Askren also wrestled with Chandler at the University of Missouri.

Tyron Woodley leaked video: What else did Daniel Cormier and Ben Askren talk about?

Aside from discussing Tyron Woodley and International Fight Week, Daniel Cormier and Ben Askren touched on the potential of the former welterweight returning to fighting.

As Askren has stated numerous times, he is only interested in one fight that could bring him out of retirement. The former Bellator and ONE Championship fighter claimed that the only fight he is interested in is with Jorge Masvidal.

With Masvidal claiming to be coming out of his own retirement on X, Askren told Cormier he would be interested in a rematch at UFC 300.

Despite the rumors, no reports have confirmed Masvidal’s desire to return to fighting. ‘Gamebred’ previously mentioned a boxing fight in early 2024 but has not mentioned a return to MMA.

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