Showtime's intense 'The Woman in the Wall' trailer delves into very real history


A woman walks down a street in Ireland past a Madonna statue.

If you haven’t heard of the Magdalene Laundries, you need to watch The Woman in the Wall.

Led by Ruth Wilson and Daryl McCormack, the BBC’s psychological horror/crime caper series was written by Calm with Horses‘ Joe Murtagh, with director Harry Wootliff at the helm. After critical praise in the UK, it’s finally soon coming to streaming in the U.S. on Showtime.

Blending genres to move beyond historical drama, the series is set in a small town in West Ireland, where present day crimes connect with the dark secrets of the country’s recent past — and especially the experiences of the survivors of the Magdalene (pronounced as “maudlin”) institutions, including the Church’s mother and baby homes (you can read more about them on Mashable.)

How to watch: The Woman in The Wall is now streaming on BBC iPlayer in the UK and will be streaming on Showtime in the U.S. from Jan. 19.

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