Sneako and Ricegum think N3on and Sam’s relationship might be ending soon


Nicolas “Sneako” is again grabbing headlines after he and fellow streamer Ricegum discussed Kick streamer Rangesh “N3on’s” relationship. During Nico’s recent stream, Ricegum predicted that Sam Frank and N3on’s relationship will likely end soon. He mentioned noticing significant changes in Sam’s body language, commenting that the “honeymoon stage was fading.”

As the two pondered Rangesh’s relationship, Ricegum opined:

“My prediction too with the Sam sh*t is like, there’s like a honeymoon stage bro, and its like fading bro. They’re about to break up soon that’s what I’m feeling.”

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Sneako quipped that Rice’s prediction sounded like he was praying for their downfall. Ricegum quickly denied it and mentioned that he was happy for his close friend. However, he mentioned a few clips of Sam and highlighted her body language. Rice also questioned if she wasn’t growing in popularity anymore.

“That’s bad” – Users react to Sneako and Ricegum predicting N3on and Sam’s breakup

N3on and Sam Frank have been involved in multiple controversies with other streamers like Adin Ross, Natalie Reynolds, and more. Recently, Rangesh and Adin’s friendship was affected after fellow streamer Cheesur accused the latter of jealousy.

Amid the feud between the two streamers, Sam passed a comment on Demisux’s fashion sense, which led to Adin passing a fat-shaming comment about the former. Readers should note that Demisux and Adin are rumored to be dating.

Revisiting Sam and N3on’s relationship, the former’s parents had even called him a good guy on her livestream. However, viewers highlighted the reaction of Rangesh’s father. In a viral clip, the latter called Sam a good person and said he would like her to be N3on’s “friend.”

The clip of Sneako and Ricegum discussing the pair’s relationship has gone viral on social media and garnered numerous comments. One X user deemed the comments as ‘bad’:

“That’s bad.”

Here are some more reactions to the viral post.

On November 8, 2023, Rangesh ‘N3on’ announced on his X account that he was officially committed to Sam Frank.

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