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Ditch pricey gym memberships and get a FULL workout from home with Get Healthy U TV instead!

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If getting fit is on your New Year’s resolution list, now is the best time to try Get Healthy U TV from home and work out for an ENTIRE YEAR for just 65¢ (regularly $102)!

Note that after one year, your Premium Get Healthy U TV Membership will automatically renew at $102 per year. You may cancel anytime before your year is up by contacting customer service at 1-844-278-2050 or at 

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 Get Healthy U TV is versatile and super convenient. Here are some other things I LOVE about it…

  • The variety of classes/ workout styles. Being able to choose my type of workout each day helps me stay super motivated and Get Healthy U TV had all of my favorites — barre, yoga, high-impact, low-impact (easy on the knees), workouts with weights and without, and so much more! If you haven’t found the right at-home workout for your taste or to see results, you just might not have access to the right one, but with Get Healthy U TV the hundreds offered, you will!
  • The instructor’s expertise. I can’t tell you how many times I have tried random workout videos and thought: wow, that just did not flow, so no, not everyone can be a workout instructor. 😂  But the ones on Get Healthy U TV are true professionals! I had tried so many unique and powerful moves that I hadn’t before! Plus, there are so many instructors that you can choose the videos and classes of the ones that work with you best (just like a trainer, but for WAY less $$$).
  • The real-time notifications about LIVE sessions. I LOVED this part! There’s no doubt that working out at home is a unique preference, but their LIVE sessions make all the difference as you can still get that in-person experience when you’re craving it, without leaving home. I loved seeing the emails pop up on my phone about when a LIVE session was ahead!
  • The versatility across different devices. I used Get Healthy U on my phone, iPad, and TV with zero hassle for a truly portable, workout anywhere, anytime experience!

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I know what you’re thinking: there MUST be a catch though, right?


If you’ve ever used any kind of streaming service for videos to work out from home, then you know exactly what I’m referring to. Even when you’re streaming them for free, the ads can seriously ruin your workout, which may explain why you don’t see the results you want. 😠

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With Get Healthy U TV, even during their longer 40-minute+ workouts, I was never offered an ad!! 🙌🏼 And because of that, I can say I have sweat more than I ever have with ANY of the multitudes of at-home workouts I have tried in the past!

I got the best sweat on with the barre-inspired Barre Burn and Kickboxing + Core videos, but I really enjoyed the accountability this 2-Week At-Home Bodyweight Challenge provides as well. You get a FREE calendar to download, which helped me stay motivated and feel like a real trainer was giving me a workout plan! I highly recommend trying one of the many challenges they offer!

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And my Hip Sidekick, Sara, tried it too! Here’s what she had to say: 

“This was really easy to sign up for and there are a ton of videos to choose from along with many different kinds like HIIT, yoga, and so much more! I had taken a break and opted to give some other workout programs a try, so I didn’t renew at the regular price. But when it was time to cancel, the process was seamless and quick with their customer service. The only thing I would change is the ability to mute the music and listen to my own.”

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Check out what Hip readers had to say…

I have it and absolutely love it! I always thought I’d cancel after the year but I think I’m going to continue! They even have calendars you can print with workout suggestions based on what types of areas you want to improve. — Hip reader, Erin Matlock

I have been using this service for almost 2 years and love it!! There is a lot of variety, and skill levels. I like that there are 10-minute workouts for those days I don’t have time for a longer one. You can access it on your phone, tablet, or computer, and they also now have an app for your smart TV. — Hip reader, Lisa

I just started using my membership and with classes between 10 and 40 minutes, it’s hard to come up with an excuse to NOT do at least 10 minutes. They even have guided meditation classes. — Hip reader, DeeDee

I joined earlier this year when there was a deal and I absolutely LOVE streaming these workouts. I play them through my Firestick and especially like the treadmill ones. — Hip Reader, Colleen

I’ve done 3 or 4 of the videos. They have a wide variety, and I like that they have low-impact options that don’t hurt my knees. Hip Reader, bobbi-4

I’ve been using them for a year ( got it last year at this price thanks to you 😊) It’s great because there’s a variety of workouts focusing on different areas and with short or longer times. I’m proud of myself for sticking with it, but they make it pretty easy! Hip Reader, Tracy

For the first time in my life, I’m excited about working out. There are so many workouts to choose from and I can work out on my own terms, when and where I want.

Exercising with GHUTV has helped me lose twenty-five pounds and strengthen my entire body, allowing me to do real push-ups!

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