Women’s DIM Complex Only $8.99 Shipped on Amazon | Supports Metabolism & Hormone Balance


Amate Women's DIM Complex Hormonal Support for Menopause

Get relief from symptoms of PMS & menopause with this easy Amazon deal!

Through January 9th, head over to Amazon where you can snag this Amate Women’s DIM Complex Hormonal Support for $8.99 or less when you clip the 50% off digital coupon and opt to Subscribe & Save!

This Women’s DIM complex supplement offers relief from a variety of issues related to female hormone imbalances from PMS, perimenopause, and menopause. If you struggle with low energy or rollercoaster moods, acne, hot flashes, or disturbed sleep, Amate Women’s DIM Complex Hormonal Support can help!

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Amate Women's DIM Complex Hormonal Support for Menopause

This women’s DIM complex supplement is vegetarian-friendly, GMP-certified, and non-GMO. The ingredients include a DIM (diindolylmethane) compound from vegetables like broccoli and cabbage which have been proven to reduce inflammation and help detoxify the body. It also contains Bioperine and Calcium D-glucarate to help balance hormones.

Amate’s products are made in the USA in FDA-approved facilities and go through strict quality tests. Plus, Amate offers a money-back guarantee so if you don’t see results, you can easily request a refund!

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I’ve been taking this version of DIM for over a month now and have seen drastic, almost miraculous improvements in my skin. It’s not only that the acne is gone, it’s that the tone and clarity have improved. In fact, I don’t think my skin has ever been this beautiful and clear. What’s more, while I’ve always seemed to have a small problem with facial acne – though never as bad as after this miscarriage – I’ve ALWAYS had a problem with acne cysts on my chest and back. Always. And those have miraculously disappeared.

My sleep patterns have improved too. My weight has not decreased, but my body shape is going back to what it was pre-miscarriage. My menstrual cycles have not yet normalized. I am using progesterone cream to also help those along. However, this last period, while not necessarily normal because of length, showed marked improvement with regards to PMS symptoms. I barely had any cramps, the bleeding was manageable and all other PMS symptoms were very light or non-existent.

Seems to be helping with some of my recent premenopausal symptoms. Been feeling more like myself again and it has been helping with some of the hormonal acne I still struggle with. If anything it seems to be a healthy supplement at a good price.

I started taking Amate Life Women’s Dim Complex and within days my sleep was improved and more consistent. Sleeping all the way through the night felt like magic and affected so many other aspects of my health and general life. Now I’m always sure to re-order before I run out

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