40% Off LED Night Light 8-Packs on Amazon – Turns on When it Gets Dark!


small white square nightlight plugged into wall outlet

Amazon lights the way with deals!

Through January 12th, hurry over to Amazon where you can score an 8-pack of Sunjeet Night Lights for as low as $8.99 after an automatic 40% off discount!

To snag the savings, use this exclusive Amazon link. Just note, the discount won’t kick in until the final stage of checkout.

box of 8 Sunjeet small lightbulbs laying on floor

These compact nightlights use LED bulbs and are energy efficient, using less power and lasting much longer than traditional bulb night lights. They will automatically turn on when it gets dark and turn off when it gets light.

The soft, dim light from these Sunjeet nightlights radiates 360 degrees instead of just straight ahead or below. Plus, they don’t block the other outlet plug! These small night lights are a great option for bathrooms, kid’s rooms, hallways, stairways, and even kitchen outlets where you might want a little light underneath cabinets.

Check out these options…

small white square nightlight plugged into outlet

warm white square nightlight plugged into outlet

These nightlights have over 3,500 5-star Reviews…

My son had a set of these, and I never knew I wanted or needed night lights until I saw these. They aren’t too bright, and look good, and do a great job of illuminating hallways, bathrooms, Stairs etc.  This version illuminates 360° and not as much forward, illuminating walkways better, without blinding you in a dark hallway. They look great lit up, and for the price, it’s a win.

These are working out great for us. I like having this low-cost solution for placing night lights throughout my home. The brightness and coverage area is perfect. No more bumping into things in the dark.

These lights are amazing, and I wish I had them sooner. Before I purchased these, I’d have to turn on every light so I’m able to see in our apartment. Now I can light up the hallways, bathroom, laundry room, living room, and both bedrooms without having to hit a switch. They come on at night which helps a lot because I don’t have to worry about waking anyone up on their off days when I get home or while I get ready for work. The size is perfect for my outlets and they can even be hung upside down so it doesn’t block the other outlets. For the price, these were too good to pass up and I’ll be buying plenty more to share with the rest of my family!

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