Top 10 trending phones of week 1


We start year 2024 with a brand-new leader in our trending chart and one that might stay there for a while longer. The Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra will only become official on January 17, but it’s already the most popular phone in our database.

Behind that we have the Redmi Note 13 Pro and Redmi Note 13 Pro+, which just made their debut in India and will go global on January 15.

Long-time favorite Galaxy A54 is in fourth, ahead of the outgoing Galaxy S23 Ultra.

We then have another member of Samsung’s upcoming trio, the vanilla Galaxy S24, in sixth. The Redmi Note 13 and Redmi Note 12 complete the top eight in that order.

Apple’s iPhone 15 Pro Max takes the penultimate spot and the Redmi 13C rounds up the top 10.

We will see the Galaxy S24 prominently featured in chart for a while longer, no doubt about that, but who else will make the top 10 in the early weeks of the new year? Stick around to find out!

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