Amid Michigan’s $125M contract and NFL interest, Jim Harbaugh has cryptic remark about future


Jim Harbaugh’s future at Michigan is a hot topic that is discussed alongside the upcoming national championship game by fans and analysts. There’s a strong possibility that the coach will be taking the exit door following the conclusion of the title game on Monday.

Harbaugh has been in charge at Ann Arbor since 2015 and he is on the verge of making the program the college football national champion. When asked about his future ahead of the game against Washington, the coach gave an intriguing reply that has left many wondering about its implication.

“There’s a calendar,” he said. “I’ll gladly talk about the future next week. I hope to have one. How about that? A future? I hope to have one.”

The sign-stealing scandal could push Jim Harbaugh out of Michigan

One factor that could be pushing Jim Harbaugh out of Michigan is the ongoing sign-stealing investigation by the NCAA. The Wolverines are accused of allegedly conducting in-person scouting at future opponents’ games, which has been outlawed in the realm since 1994.

Harbaugh is already under fire in the landscape for an alleged low-level recruitment violation. The sign-stealing allegation has only added salt to the injury, creating a push to leave the landscape. Nonetheless, the coach has denied having knowledge of the operation.

“I do not have any knowledge or information regarding the University of Michigan football program illegally stealing signals, nor have I directed any staff member or others to participate in an off-campus scouting assignment,” Harbaugh said.

“I have no awareness of anyone on our staff having done that or having directed that action. I do not condone or tolerate anyone doing anything illegal or against NCAA rules.”

Analysts see Jim Harbaugh taking the exit door

While Jim Harbaugh’s future in college football remains uncertain, many analysts believe he will make a transition to the NFL next season. One of them is Paul Finebaum, who expressed his opinion on the coach’s future during an appearance on ‘Get Up’ on Wednesday.

“It’s pretty simple,” Finebaum said. “If you have a shot at four NFL franchises and they’re coveting you and then, on the other hand, you’re facing the NCAA after you accomplished everything you set out to do, it’s a very easy answer. He is leaving Michigan after next Monday night.”

Harbaugh has harbored the intention to return to the NFL for quite a while. He had discussions with NFL teams in the last two offseasons but none materialized.

However, the chances are bigger this time with Harbaugh being linked to the likes of the Chicago Bears, Las Vegas Raiders, Los Angeles Chargers, and Carolina Panthers.

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