Barbie fans react to Margot Robbie’s Golden Globes 2024 look 


Golden Globes’ 81st installment is currently underway and the red carpet has been welcoming celebrities left, right, and center. Variety and Entertainment Tonight collaborated to host the pre show and the red carpet for this year’s annual award show.

Numerous celebrities have made their way to the red carpet, including nominees, presenters, and stars, and one of the celebrities who made an appearance was Margot Robbie. The actress has been nominated for Actress in a Musical or Comedy Motion Picture and showed up dressed like she just stepped out of the Barbie World.

Fans took to social media to react to Margot’s Superstar Barbie outfit and noted that she looked stunning. One person, @addictionmargot wrote on X (formerly known as Twitter):


Golden Globes 2024 will be live telecasted at 8 pm ET on CBS and will be available to stream on Paramount+ soon after.

Margot Robbie dressed up as Barbie for Golden Globes 2024

Golden Globes’ 81st edition is currently underway as celebrities continue to attend Variety and Entertainment Tonight’s Pre Show ahead of the award show itself. Several celebrities walked the red carpet as they spoke to the publications’ correspondents about fashion, life, and everything under the sun.

While fans were ecstatic about several outfits, the one outfit which stole the show was Margot Robbie’s Superstar Barbie. The actress, who was nominated for her role in Warner Brother’s top-grossing movie, wore an iconic outfit true to the movie.

Robbie showed up in a 1977 Superstar Barbie dress by Armani. During her Red Carpet appearance, she spoke about the movie’s success and noted that it’s “more about what that number represents.”


“When we would go to the theater on opening weekend and seeing this sea of people wearing pink or dressed up as Ken, it was such a wild feeling and I haven’t seen this communal kind of experience since I was a kid.”

The actress further spoke about Lady Gaga’s upcoming role as Harley Quinn in Joker: Folie A Deux and noted that she hasn’t had the time to contact the singer about the role yet. Margot noted that she thought that Lady Gaga is going to “crush it” and going to be “amazing.”

“I actually haven’t spoken to her about it. I almost don’t want to know so I can save it for a surprise when I see the movie.”

Fans took to social media to chime in about several celebrity outfits and took to X (formerly known as Twitter) to comment on Margot Robbie’s look. They noted that she looked like “barbie in real life.”

Golden Globes 2024 will be live telecasted at 8 pm ET on CBS and will be available to stream on Paramount+ soon after.

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