Canales Abiertos 2023: El Cruce | Open Channels 2023: The Crossing


Join members of the global learning community Canales Abiertos | Open Channels as they premiere a new thirty-five minute documentary video together about their one-week residency in Santiago de Cuba during July 2023.

Canales Abiertos | Open Channels is a group of Popular Theatre artists, educators, and enthusiasts based in the Caribbean and its diaspora. Founded in 2020 during the height of the COVID pandemic as a temporary online gathering space, it has continued and evolved past its origins to become both an online and face to face gathering space in its two main cities of New Orleans, USA, and Santiago de Cuba. Its mission: To exchange, critique and support one another’s work as performing artists, educators and activists in our communities.

During this premiere livestream, viewers will watch the new documentary and a live Q&A after-session with residency participants in Cuba, Puerto Rico, Santo Domingo and New Orleans, where there will also be a live in-person audience.

Residency participants include Denise Frazier, Carolina Caballero and Mathew Schwarzman (New Orleans), Jose Emilio Bencosme and Tomás Hubier Perez (Santo Domingo), Helen Ceballos (Puerto Rico), and Yanoski Suárez Rodríguez, Lily Rodríguez, Alejandro Mineto, and Yuri Elías Seone (Santiago de Cuba).

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