CES 2024: Samsung re-announces Ballie, a spherical robot homie


If we’re going to have somewhat creepy robot companions running our homes as we move into the future, at least they should be cute.

That seems to be Samsung‘s M.O., anyway. The Korean tech giant at its CES 2024 press conference showed off the new and improved Ballie, a spherical robot friend originally announced all the way back in the increasingly distant pre-COVID days of early 2020. The new Ballie, who doesn’t yet have a price or release date, appears to be larger, with a smoother exterior texture than the prototype shown four years ago.

Samsung didn’t bring Ballie on stage or anything, instead opting for a quick proof-of-concept trailer video. In the trailer, you can see Ballie remotely warn its owner that their dog is up to no good before refilling the dog’s (smart?) food bowl. Ballie can also remotely control Samsung smart home devices like lights and other appliances. Communication between Ballie and its owner appears to be in the form of a text message-like app.

Unanswered questions about Ballie (besides when we can get our hands on it and for how much) include how well it can roll around on different surfaces, how long its battery lasts, how it charges, and whether or not your dog will get along with it or seek to eliminate it.

But at least we know Ballie lives. That’s what’s really important.

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