CES 2024: The latest update on the live-action Zelda movie comes from…Sony?!


Sony’s big CES 2024 press conference delivered big if you’re a fan of video game film adaptations.

President of Sony Pictures Television Studio Katherine Pope shared early in the conference that a God of War series is in the works for Amazon’s Prime Video streaming service. In addition, Netflix is picking up a Horizon Zero Dawn adaptation as well. Both video game-based productions are in the writing stages.

However, Sony caused a bit of a stir at CES online when CEO Kenichiro Yoshida hit the stage and mentioned…Nintendo’s upcoming live-action The Legend of Zelda movie. 

The Zelda film was announced in November of last year and it seems many people were so overjoyed by the news of there being a Zelda movie on the way that they missed a short line in the press release that said the film was being co-financed by ​​Sony Pictures Entertainment. 

But, still, it was quite something to be at the CES press conference and hear the CEO of Sony, the maker of Playstation, provide us with a little nugget of information about the Zelda movie that it’s making with Nintendo.

“We’re also excited about another IP expansion,” Sony CEO Yoshida said on the stage.”The adaptation of Nintendo’s game franchise, The Legend of Zelda.”

Audible hooting and hollering could be heard among the CES crowd.

“​​This live-action film will deliver an amazing tale of adventure and discovery,” Yoshida added about the Zelda film.

Yoshida then moved on to other upcoming Sony Pictures releases like Venom 3. But, hey, if you’re pumped about their being a freaking live-action The Legend of Zelda movie in the works, you’ll take any bit of information you can get.

And there’s just something incredible about the CEO of Sony taking time out of the company’s big CES press conference to talk about their partnership with longtime competitor Nintendo to create a movie based on one of Nintendo’s most popular video games.

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