Inaugural MAL MY promises to empower Esports at grassroots levels in the country


Moonton Games is aiming to empower Esports at grassroots levels in Malaysia with the inaugural MAL MY (Mobile Legends Bang Bang Academy League Malaysia). The developer company presents the tournament in collaboration with IO ESPORTS, a premier Esports event management company in Southeast Asia.

The MAL MY promises to act as a bridge between grassroots and national-level Esports by offering a structured and competitive avenue for young talents in the country. While there isn’t much information regarding the tournament, it is seen as an interesting prospect for the MLBB Esports scene worldwide.

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MAL MY will track the best Esports talents in Malaysia

MAL My will act as the developmental segment in Malaysia’s MLBB Esports league system after the pre-existing MPL MY. It will unite the nation’s best third-party community tournaments by inviting their top teams to battle for a spot in MPL Malaysia, hopefully in its upcoming 14th season.

The MLBB Esports tournaments in Malaysia will also witness a promotion and relegation system between the tournaments with the launch of the Mobile Legends Bang Bang Academy League Malaysia. This will allow the Academy League’s teams to join the next MPL MY season scheduled for the second half of 2024.

The inaugural season of MAL MY will follow the same format as Mobile Legends Bang Bang Professional League Malaysia and will be held in three stages. The Open Qualifiers will roll out in February, the Regular Season will take place in March, and the Playoffs will occur in May.

Fikri Rizal Mahruddin, the Marketing and Business Development head at Moonton Games, says that since Malaysia will host the M6 World Championship at the end of 2024, the developmental league will help prepare the nation’s aspirants since the country’s performance in the M5 World Championship failed to meet expectations. In his words:

“The launch of the MAL MY follows the conclusion of the M5 World Championship in the Philippines, which saw both of Malaysia’s representatives crash out of the group stages—the first M Series where a Malaysian team has failed to advance to the knockout stages. With Malaysia set to host the M6 World Championship at the end of 2024, our newly launched developmental league will play a crucial role in preparing our nation’s esports aspirants to defend our honour as the host country and nurturing Malaysia’s world champions.”

As per him:

“The MAL MY will provide young players with more structured support, a more competitive environment, and most importantly, a clearer path to professionalism. It will also empower our third-party partners and the thriving esports ecosystem in Malaysia by allowing everyone to foster closer ties with one another.”

On the other hand, Rachel Teh, the Head of Operations at IO ESPORTS, did not hide her excitement regarding the collaboration with Moonton Games. She said:

“We are proud of our longstanding partnership with MOONTON, which has been pivotal in our esports journey. Our goal is to strengthen our ties with MOONTON and demonstrate an unwavering commitment to nurturing the growth of the Mobile Legends: Bang Bang esports scene in Malaysia.”

She also said:

“The launch of MAL MY marks a crucial milestone in our pursuit of developing young talents and providing them with a gateway into the esports ecosystem. We are fully dedicated to collaborating closely with MOONTON to ensure the success of this initiative. Together, our focus is on making MAL MY a resounding success, creating an environment that not only supports emerging talent but also provides a clearer path to professionalism and fosters the development of upcoming champions from Malaysia who will excel and make a mark on the international MLBB Esports stage.”

The MAL MY will be Moonton Games’ latest attempt to increase the Esports talent pipeline in high-growth regions like Southeast Asia. It is the third development league after the MLBB Development League (MDL) Philippines in 2023 and the MDL Indonesia in 2020. Interested players are requested to follow the official website and social media.

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