The Miz sends a message ahead of upcoming match against Judgment Day member on WWE RAW


The Miz had a message about his upcoming match on WWE RAW against a Judgment Day member.

For several weeks, JD McDonagh did everything he could to be a part of The Judgment Day and was finally welcomed into the group a couple of weeks ago, showing that his efforts had finally paid off.

However, in recent weeks, he and his group have had a problem with R-Truth. Truth even challenged him to a match where if he lost, he would be out of The Judgment Day. Despite losing that match, JD is still a part of the faction. Last week, Judgment Day had a run-in with The Miz and even lost a tag team match against the re-formed Awesome Truth.

Following that loss, a match is all set to take place this week on the red brand between The Miz and JD McDonagh. Ahead of this important clash, The A-Lister took to social media to send a message about his opponent.

“I didn’t think anyone could be hated as much as @DomMysterio35, but I’d like to introduce you all to @jd_mcdonagh. #WWERaw.”

Check out his tweet here:

Ethan Page opens up on his backstage meeting with The Miz

Ethan Page is one of the top stars in the independent scene today. However, before he could get to where he is today, he had to put in a lot of work. Page even worked as an extra for WWE at one point before he made it big.

Speaking to Bragman Breakdown, Ethan Page highlighted a backstage meeting he had with The Miz, which had a massive influence on the type of performer he is today.

“I did extra work, very young, I think I was 22, or 23 years old. Still only doing independents. This was pre-IMPACT, pre-EVOLVE even. I was there for extra work, and I was waiting to sign in, you have to fill out these waivers. As I’m waiting, The Miz walks down the hallway. I had greeted maybe a couple of wrestlers at this point. First time I’d ever been backstage, so I was blown away at the whole larger-than-life atmosphere of it, I’d only seen what was on-screen, so my mind was blown. I see The Miz walk by,” said Page.

He continued:

“He stops to say hello to every extra, every staff member. These are people just filing papers. It didn’t matter who it was, he stopped and said hi to everyone. He stops in the admin room to double-check his charity appearances. As he’s double-checking, they are adding more to his plate. ‘Do you mind stopping to read to kids for Be A Star?’ ‘Yeah, no problem. Whatever you need. You know that.’ I have the clearest mental picture of that experience that I have tried to recreate in my career to give that same…the feeling I got watching it, I was like, ‘Oh, that’s how you do this job right.’ That is the person and performer that I want to be like.” [H/T: Fightful].

It’s good to hear that Miz is really down-to-earth and friendly with all the extras and staff members backstage.

Who do you think will win tomorrow on RAW? Sound off in the comments section below.

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