“To get back up after you fall” – Angela Lee says best way to learn or improve is to experience defeat


Angela Lee believes learning how to lose is a valuable life lesson.

The former ONE atomweight women’s world champion only needs one hand to count how many times she came up short in her illustrious combat sports career. Even though she largely dominated the sport for nearly a decade, that doesn’t mean she didn’t learn the value of losing and what it means to bounce back following a setback.

“I think everybody should have some struggle in the form of sports or just some sort of athletics growing up because it teaches you that… it teaches you how to fail and how to get back up after you fall,” Lee said during an appearance on the Keep It Aloha podcast.

In September, Angela Lee opted to hang up her gloves and lay down her 26 pounds of ONE Championship gold, announcing that she was officially retiring from the sport of MMA to focus on a new passion project.


Angela Lee pays tribute to her sister through Fightstory

Following the tragic loss of her little sister, Victoria Lee, ‘Unstoppable’ founded Fightstory, a non-profit mental health organization dedicated to sharing the stories of fighters from all walks of life.

“At Fightstory, our goal is to empower fighters of all walks of life; To share their stories, inspire hope, and build a community for everyone to thrive in their mental and physical wellness journey,” Lee wrote on Instagram. “Everyone you know is fighting a battle that you know nothing about, so be kind always”.

“Fightstory exists to let people know that it’s ok to talk about your mental health. It’s okay to talk about your emotions. It’s ok to share what you’re going through. Speak your truth. Share your story.”

Since its inception, more than 12,000 followers have joined the fight online. You too, can join Fightstory via the organization’s official Instagram and learn more about how you can get involved right here.

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