14 Home Office Ideas That Are Daydream Worthy


Revamp your workspace with our genius desk accessories and home office ideas.

walking pad under standing desk

Work called. You need to read these tips.

Get organized in 2024 with our top home office ideas. From gadgets you didn’t know you needed to game-changing desk accessories.

1. This compact 7-in-1 cleaning kit is a must-have if you rarely clean your screen or keyboard. 

hand holding laptop cleaning kit

This set includes a double-fold, cleaning pan, a micro cleaning cloth, a screen cleaner mist, a key remover, and a case complete with a retractable brush and cleaning pad on the back. It’s smaller than your hand so it’s easily portable while working on the go too.

This multi-function cleaning kit will go far beyond laptop cleaning too. It’s even ideal for cleaning Airpods, Apple watches, tablets, your phone, and pretty much any small device you’re using often.

2. This handheld vacuum cleaner will get every bit of dust from your keyboard and then some. 

hand holding white keyboard vacuum cleaner

From your dusty keyboard to the bits of eraser from your notebook – there’s nothing this handheld vacuum cleaner can’t do! It requires just two AA batteries and has stiff bristles on the ends to ensure it gets every bit of dust or crumbs you’re out to get.

hand holding white mini desk vacuum over green notebook with eraser shavings

You may even find that your kids will love it during tedious homework assignments or craft time! 👏🏻 Its minimal design will double as cute desk decor too so you won’t mind keeping it at arm’s reach until you need it again.

3. Clear sticky notes have been a game-changer for Madison in the office. 

yellow clear sticky note on book with water droplets

I bet you didn’t know you needed this desk accessory until right now. Our Hip sidekick, Madison, said she’s been obsessed with these clear sticky notes ever since she found out about them. She said they’re awesome for when you want to bookmark a page in a book or write something on your calendar that may be rescheduled. She also uses them in her work journal and will keep her ongoing to-dos on these clear sticky notes, and move them from page to page. Ultimately, these are so much easier than crossing things out or writing them down a million times.

Note that she recommends Sharpie pens for these as regular rollerballs are a no-go.

4. Emily’s cube timer has been the ultimate hack so she doesn’t miss meetings or screen reminders. 

Hand holding an orange cube timer

Emily said this cube timer has been one of the most useful home office ideas in many ways while working from home. She uses it the most for walking sessions on her walking pad (yes, we shared that below too 😉) since she can’t see the walking pad screen when it’s under her desk. She’s also used it for keeping tabs on her time spent doing specific tasks or getting ahead of the time if she has an upcoming meeting. It’s even been a life-saver for Google Calendar notifications if she misses one while working from another screen and manually setting her timers instead.

5. Angela’s favorite water bottles are cool office gadgets that remind you when to drink water.

black hidrate water bottle sitting in front of silver mac

If only the bougiest of water bottles will do, this is one of the best home office ideas for you! This smart water bottle is perfect for the efficient worker who is always forgetting to stay hydrated during the day. Plus, if you’re trying to meet new hydration goals in the New Year, this is sure to keep you on track to meet your goals. Our Hip sidekick, Anglea, says that she loves how this water bottle keeps track of exactly how much water she drinks throughout the day. It even reminds her to drink water if she goes a long period without a sip. Keeping it on her desk has been game-changing.

6. Elevate your comfort levels with this ergonomic footrest.

feet sitting on black footrest under desk

This will be one of the best desk accessories you and home office ideas will buy this year if you suffer from discomfort in your back, hips, or legs. Our Hip Sidekick, Amber, deals with superficial vein thrombosis and realized she was struggling the most with how much she crossed her legs. Thankfully this affordable and adjustable footrest has helped her tremendously. So if you’re in the same boat, it’s an ergonomic solution that might be a game changer for you too!

7. A candle warmer will cozy up any office space and make it smell as dreamy as ever. 

candle warmer on countertop

This has been a Hip team favorite and a must-have desk accessory for those of us who love to have a little bit of personal touch to our space. Plus, since it doesn’t require a flame, it’s the perfect desk accessory even for those who work away from home. The light itself is dimmable and creates a smell-good and feel-good vibe while working.

8. One of the top home office ideas of 2024 is a walking pad and it’s a trend that’s here to stay.

Sperax Walking Pad,Under Desk Treadmill

If getting in your daily steps is a top priority, Emily’s walking pad may be the 2024 trend you need to jump on. This treadmill is perfect for running and walking as it features a 5-layer anti-slip running belt and can accommodate up to 320 pounds. The wider track is perfect for those with a wide or uneven gait or for taller folks over 6 feet.

Plus you can challenge yourself and change up your workout by adjusting the incline up to 5% using the included remote. The built-in display allows you to track your progress including calories burned, speed, and distance in real-time.

Here’s how this walking pad changed the game for our Hip sidekick, Emily:

Woman holding walking pad and living room with Christmas tree and gifts

“There are TONS of walking pads on Amazon now so I did a bit of research on them. I specifically wanted one that had a wider track (most are around 14-15 inches), one that could incline, and one that went up to 7 MPH. I was thrilled to land upon one that was 17 ” wide since my stride isn’t always the straightest. This size makes it so comfortable to walk and does not feel like you’re going to fall off or even scrape the edges of the foottracks. It also inclines to 5% which gives just enough extra oomph to walking workouts. All that said, I didn’t end up going with one that reached higher speeds like 7 MPH after some reconsiderations while running at the gym.

I realized I prefer having a MUCH wider track (more like 20+ inches) if I’m going to run over 4 MPH. I also like the safety of having larger arm bars and a much more robust shock absorption system so that I don’t cause any damage to my knees and joints. Most walking/under-desk treadmills don’t have these, so if I were to buy something to run at home, I would need to invest in a pretty pricey traditional treadmill. But to my surprise, while cranking this walking treadmill up to its highest speed (3.8 MPH), it turned my stride into a comfortable light jog and my heart rate was elevating after only a couple minutes. So I can easily achieve my mild cardio workouts at home and save the big ones for the treadmill at the gym!

It’s a super simple plug-and-play piece of workout equipment right out of the box and I can carry it myself to different rooms (it’s a touch under 50 pounds). I’m so happy with the simple design and controls, and I can’t wait to get my steps in while working!! I just need to invest in a standing desk now.“ – Hip Sidekick, Emily 

9. Grab another monitor to make working more efficient and mobile when you need to.

Blank portable screen monitor next to laptop on desk

If you’re feeling overwhelmed by tabs or under-productive at work, a second monitor is a quick fix and a surefire way to solve these dilemmas!

Our Hip sidekick, Rachel, admitted she’s notoriously known as a “Tab Queen” and having this portable monitor allows her to conveniently split her screen into two and manage all her open tabs more easily. She chose the ARZOPA option in particular because it’s compatible with so many different devices including her mobile device, an Xbox, PS 3/4/5, and even a Nintendo Switch.

two monitors on desk

Hip Sidekick, Emily took her second monitor a step further by using a wall mount and lifting up her screens for easier viewing capabilities and a less cluttered workspace.

If your monitor doesn’t come with built-in speakers, grab this modern-looking pair of speakers Emily snagged for her desk!

10. Add a splash of color to your office with this mouse pad that doubles as cute desk decor.

laptop next to colorful floral mouse and pad on desk

When you eat, sleep, clean, and work at home it can get a little boring staring at the same bland space. Adding pops of color throughout your office is a great way to perk up the space for a boost of motivation and our Hip sidekick Amber loves this fun mousepad. Plus, it comes in countless other patterns and is affordable enough to switch out when you’re due for a change.

Pair your mousepad with a wireless mouse from Amazon.

11. Or opt for a leather desk mat if you want your space to be bougie and practical at the same time.

minimal office desk with apple computer and leather desk pad

Opt for this dual-purpose leather desk mat for a more sophisticated touch. Reviewers love this leather desk mat because it protects your desk surface while making it look super chic. Plus, it doubles as a mouse pad making it a practical desk accessory too. Some reviewers even said it magically made their space look more tidy, even though they didn’t change a thing. It comes in 10 different colors with the off-white seeming to be the most popular.

12. Ember mugs are cool desk gadgets that will keep your coffee hot until the last sip.

hand holding copper ember temperature controlled mug

No home office is complete without a cup of your favorite hot coffee or tea. Although the Ember mug is a spendy desk accessory, there will be no going back once you have it in hand. Our Hip sidekicks, Emily and Madison, can’t live without theirs and say it saves them a lot of time from reheating their coffee in the microwave. Plus, it performs exceptionally well keeping their drinks hot until the last sip.

Emily’s fancy copper Ember mug shown above is available for just under $150.

This portable mug warmer is under $20 on Amazon if you need something more budget-friendly.

13. An acrylic file folder will give a seamless place for everything when you’re not working.

clear acrylic file holder on desk

Acrylic is in right now so if you want a seamless place to stash away everything from your laptop to your calculator, this is a holder that can organize it all. Anyone looking to have a tidier space in 2024 will love having this desk accessory. With the tiered design, there’s a perfect spot for your mail, notebook, laptop, and whatever else you need to slide into place when you clock out.

14. Grab one of our favorite cool desk accessories which can play music and charge your devices. 

Speaker and MagSafe phone charger sitting on nightstand with books, candle, and lamp

This is the best desk accessory to add to your office space if you love jamming out during your workday. As a bonus, this sleek speaker is able to charge your phone and a pair of AirPods at the same time. 🤩 What more could you ask for?!

Here are our top 6 bonus tips on how to work from home successfully:

1. Let in natural light.

woman sitting at window with laptop

Being exposed to natural sunlight is proven to increase productivity and alertness. It also contributes to a better mood by lessening anxiety, lowering depression, and helping our bodies produce more serotonin which ultimately makes everyone happier. 🥰

Hip Tip: Don’t have a ton of natural light? Consider bringing the outdoors to you by adding some cute plants and succulents to your space.

2. Get yourself ready.

Collin wearing a cute outfit with Stars Above Women's Daphne Faux Fur Platform Slide Platform Slippers from Target

You’ll find yourself to be most efficient and productive throughout the day if you shower, brush your teeth, and slip into something besides pajamas. Of course, anyone who traditionally works from home would be lying if they said they skip changing from pajamas on occassion. 😉

3. Fill your belly. Feed your brain.

putting everything bagel seasoning on avocado toast

Filling your belly with healthy foods is another crucial way to set yourself up for a good day. Without it, you might struggle to focus or feel alert. In fact, a healthy meal replenishes the stores of energy and nutrients in your body and also provides other essential nutrients required for good health.

Be sure to check out our sister site, Hip2Keto.com if you’re eating low-carb in 2024.

Hip Tip: Foods that are rich in calcium, vitamin B, iron, and other essential nutrients will be your best bet. For some ideas, consider foods like crockpot oatmeal (steel cut oat preferred), fresh fruits, ultimate mashed avocado toast, raw nuts, natural yogurt with granola, or a spinach omelet.

4. Make your go-to drink.

holding a whipped instant coffee drink

For some, making your go-to drink might be counterintuitive to the healthy meal I just encouraged you to scarf down. However, I’m sure we can all agree that our favorite hot cup of tea, iced coffee can make us crush our tasks at hand and feel like doing a happy dance after the first savory sip. 💃Cheers! 

Lina shared how to make whipped iced coffee which has been going viral on TikTok.

5. Check your emails first.

woman in white shirt holding up a laptop

Waking up to unread emails can create unnecessary anxiety for some if they don’t get them taken care of first things first. Getting your emails out of the way as soon as you sit down will allow you to feel less stressed, and allow you to focus on the bigger tasks at hand.

6. Work in chunks until you’re done.

teenager sitting on couch with apple laptop on lap and phone on couch

You’re the boss if you work from home…well, sort of. 😏 You’re also not in a traditional office space, which means you’re missing trips to the fax machine, stopping at a coworker’s cubicle to discuss something, walking to meetings, or grabbing lunch at the cafe down the street. By now you’re probably realizing that those things are almost non-existent when working from home, so it’s important to get yourself up and moving throughout the day.

filling a glass of water from the refrigerator

About once every 45 minutes to an hour try stepping away from your computer to recollect your mind and body. This can be simple things like walking around the house a couple of times, taking a quick breather outside, or going to the kitchen to replenish with water.

woman on laptop next to baby and bottle with feet up on the couch

At the end of the day, remember to give yourself some grace.

It’s difficult working from home and sometimes you just have to snuggle your baby on the couch or get down on the floor with your pup. As long as your work gets done, we think you’re doing a great job. 🤗 And if you have any home office ideas of your own, we’d love to hear them!

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