Air Canada passenger boards plane only to jump out of a door before it departs


An Air Canada passenger reportedly boarded a plane at Toronto Pearson International Airport only to jump out of a cabin door before it even took off for Dubai.

The unidentified passenger “boarded the aircraft normally” but then opened a cabin door instead of taking his seat onboard the Boeing 747 Monday night, airline officials told Global News.

He fell 20 feet to the tarmac and sustained unspecified injuries, prompting calls to the Peel Regional Police and other emergency services.

The incident delayed the flight’s takeoff for almost six hours as crews investigated the scene and tended to the passenger, according to the Air Canada website.

A spokesperson for the airline, which is continuing to investigate the incident, confirmed to Global News that “all our approved boarding and cabin operating procedures were followed.”

A spokesperson for the Greater Toronto Airports Authority also confirmed it was aware of the unusual incident.

Air Canada Boeing 737-8 MAX aircraft as seen landing and taxiing at New York LaGuardia International Airport.
An unidentified passenger boarded an Air Canada flight at Toronto’s international airport on Monday night only to jump out of a cabin door before the flight took off. NurPhoto via Getty Images

“We worked with the airline, Peel Regional Police and Peel EMS to provide support and to determine the immediate needs,” the spokesperson said.

It is unclear whether the passenger was arrested for his unruly behavior or what injuries he may have sustained.

The Post has reached out to the police department for more information.

The passenger’s jump Monday night marked the second time in less than a week that a flier’s unusual behavior delayed an Air Canada flight.

A screengrab of the flight information shows it departed late.
The Air Canada flight to Dubai was delayed for almost six hours as crews investigated the scene and tended to the passenger. Air Canada

Last Wednesday, a flight was diverted after a 16-year-old boy assaulted a family member on board, according to Fox News.

Police said other passengers and the crew onboard the flight from Toronto to Calgary were able to restrain the youth, who was arrested and taken to a hospital in Winnipeg.

The teenager’s unidentified relative was also treated on the scene for “minor physical injuries,” USA Today reports.

After being grounded for about two hours, the flight landed in Calgary about three hours late.

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