FKA Twigs’ Calvin Klein Ad Banned in the U.K.


The Advertising Standards Authority ruled the image made the singer a “stereotypical sexual object”

Nearly a year after a partially nude FKA Twigs starred in a Calvin Klein campaign, the ad has been banned in the U.K. as it apparently made the singer a “stereotypical sexual object.”

The Calvins or Nothing ad, which debuted in April 2023, featured Twigs naked, draped only in loosely fitting shirts. The image — which showed the side of Twigs’ buttock and breast — drew complaints to the U.K. Advertising Standards Authority, which ultimately ruled this week that the Twigs ad cannot be displayed or published in its current form again.

“The ad used nudity and [centered] on FKA twigs’ physical features rather than the clothing, to the extent that it presented her as a stereotypical sexual object,” the ASA said in their decision. “We therefore concluded the ad was irresponsible and likely to cause serious [offense].”

However, the ASA also deemed a similar Calvin Klein campaign featuring Kylie Jenner — which also drew complaints — acceptable.

Calvin Klein previously defended the campaign in a statement (via the Guardian), “The images were not vulgar and were of two confident and empowered women who had chosen to identify with the Calvin Klein brand, and the ads contained a progressive and enlightened message.”


While Twigs has not yet commented on the ban, in March 2023, she spoke to Rolling Stone about the provocative ad campaign. “You’re literally stripping bare for the public,” Twigs said. “Physicality right now is such a huge point of discussion,” nodding to fashion’s inconsistency to encompass all body types. Though recent years showcased a burgeoning change amongst luxury and retail brands, the last few months have felt like a regression. “We’ve gone from enhanced female body parts to now everyone being obsessed with being so thin.”

The singer added, “I’m always excited to create iconic imagery that will stay in people’s minds. For me, that comes from telling the truth. People can feel that; it stays with them because it’s an emotional and visceral reaction.”

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