Latest status of Detroit Pistons star’s knee injury


Cade Cunningham recently suffered a knee injury and Detroit Pistons fans are worried about his status. Given that Cunningham is the Pistons’ best player, losing him for a long period isn’t exactly in their best interests. The Detroit star sustained an injury on his left knee when they faced the Denver Nuggets on Sunday. Cunningham exited the game after 11 minutes of play.

Fortunately for Pistons fans, journalist Shams Charania came in with some good news regarding Cunningham. According to Charania, the 22-year-old dodged a bullet and is expected to make a speedy recovery. He will still miss a few games which means that Detroit will have to figure things out without their star player by their side.

Despite the good news regarding Cunningham’s injury, this is still a huge blow to the Pistons. Detroit is arguably the weakest team in the NBA today and is showing no signs of life as they approach the second half of the season.

Should Cade Cunningham seek a trade?

Detroit Pistons v Houston Rockets
Detroit Pistons v Houston Rockets

Cade Cunningham is one of the best players in the league, playing for one of the worst teams, the Detroit Pistons, who currently have the worst record in the NBA with 3-33.

They had one of the longest losing streaks in league history with a total of 28 straight losses. Detroit is tied with the Philadelphia 76ers and would have broken their record had they lost to the Toronto Raptors on Dec. 30.

Despite the humiliation the Pistons are dealing with this year, Cunningham has nothing to be ashamed of. Detroit’s star player is averaging 22.8 points, 7.2 assists, 4.1 rebounds and 1.0 steals per game. While some say that the only reason why Cunningham is performing well is because he’s playing for the worst team in the league, his talents on the hardwood cannot be denied.

If Cunningham’s performances were all flukes, he shouldn’t have been able to perform at an elite level consistently. Looking at his previous games, he has managed to score at least 20 points on a nightly basis. There are several games wherein he scored within the 30-point range. Cunningham also scored within the 40-point range on a couple of occasions this season.

With that in mind, his talents are being wasted in Detroit, according to many. Some believe that the Pistons are tanking for the 2024 NBA Draft. However, there isn’t a significant prospect entering the league next season besides Bronny James, who isn’t even projected to be a number-one pick in the Draft.

With all that said, Cade Cunningham might want to consider requesting a trade to play for a contending team. Unless the Pistons decide to acquire some significant players on their squad during this coming offseason, Cade Cunningham should consider exiting before it’s too late.

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