NEW Crocs Limited-Edition Barney Collection Available Now (+ FREE Shipping Offer!)


Croc’s has a new Barney collection! Buy shoes and accessories to honor your favorite purple dinosaur!

Barney Crocs

Crocs has a special collection for Barney fans.

Do you have a sweet spot for America’s favorite purple dinosaur? If so, hurry on over to Crocs and take a look at their new Barney collection. Plus, you’ll score FREE shipping on orders of $49.99 or more! And returns are free!

The limited-edition collection includes clogs for adults, kids, and toddlers. You can also buy 5 different Barney-themed accessories to decorate your shoes. Choose from Jibbitz charms like Baby Bop, BJ, Barney, a colorful stars emblem, and a heart with a rainbow.

Don’t forget to sign up for the Crocs Club so you can save 15% off your next purchase – note the Barney collection isn’t eligible for the discount code.

Check out these finds from the Crocs Barney collection…

A pair of Barney clogs for adults

You and your kiddos can channel Barney when you wear these clogs designed to resemble dinosaur feet. These purple shoes feature a green interior, green spots on the heel, and dinosaur toes attached to the upper.

Each clog is also stamped with the Barney logo and Barney’s recognizable song lyrics – “I love you” and “You love me,” – are embossed on the back straps.

These limited-edition clogs come in three sizes:

The shoes include the same comfort and support as other Croc’s brand products. and would make a unique gift for any Barney super fan.

a white Barney Crocs shoe with Jibbitz accessories

Want to add some flair? You can pair your shoes with Jibbitz Barney accessories. They come in the 5-pack for $19.99.

Croc’s also offers special Barney Jibbitz characters for $4.99 that you can use to accessorize your shoes. You have a choice of Barney, Baby Bob, or BJ.

A baby bop jibbitz accessory on a clog

If you’re a collector of all things Barney, you’ll want to scoop your shoes and accessories while they are still available.

Since you’re visiting the Crocs website, don’t forget to check out their other collections like Barbie, Lisa Frank, Harry Potter, and Star Wars!

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