Wisconsin brothers Antwon Amos Jr. and Legend Sims die after fallen into icy pond


Two young brothers died after they plunged through the ice on a retention pond behind their apartment in Wisconsin, according to authorities and reports.  

Antwon Amos Jr., 6, and his 8-year-old brother Legend Sims ventured onto the pond in Sun Prairie after the school bus dropped them off Friday afternoon, the Wisconsin State Journal reported, citing police and loved ones.

Both boys fell through the ice and Legend reportedly tried to save his younger brother.

Police and firefighters rushed to the scene around 3:20 p.m. to pull the boys from the water.

The siblings were taken to the hospital in critical condition. But Legend was pronounced dead Saturday and Antwon died Monday, police reportedly said.

“Their sudden and tragic departure has left a profound void in the lives of their family, friends, and community,” the boys’ mother, Kiana Sims, wrote in a GoFundMe post.

“Their bright smiles, infectious laughter, and boundless energy touched the lives of all who knew them. They were beloved sons, brothers, friends, and classmates,” the fundraiser also stated.

Antwon Amos Jr. (left) and Legend Sims both died after they fell into a frozen pond after school in Wisconsin. GoFundMe
The brothers were remembered by their mother for having bright smiles, infectious laughter, and boundless energy. Facebook

The baseball program the pair were apart of, BMC Youth Baseball, said on Facebook that Legend “bravely” tried to rescue his little brother

The boys, who were Royal Oaks Elementary School students, were dropped off at the same corner that is “not located in front of the retention pond, a Sun Prairie School District spokesperson told the Wisconsin State Journal.

Students that are in the boys’ grades don’t need an adult to meet them when they get off the bus with the policy stating it is a parent’s or caregiver’s responsibility to supervise the child once the bus drops them off, the newspaper reported.

The brothers were playing around a retention pond behind their apartment in Sun Prairie after school when they fell through the ice on Jan. 5. Facebook

It was unclear if any adult was there to meet the two brothers at the end of the day.

There’s now a push to put up barriers in front of that pond and other bodies of water in the area to prevent a similar tragedy, Sabrina Madison, founder of Progress Center for Black Women, told the outlet.

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