“About to get active” – Noah Lyles shares details of recent running season


Noah Lyles, World Champion, Olympic medalist, and one of the fastest humans alive, recently showed what it takes to get to where he is, professionally. The athlete shared a sneak into what his sprint training session looks like, leaving his fans amazed.

For Lyles, the 2023 season was of pure brilliance. He spent his second straight year unbeaten in his specialty event, the 200m, ducking under the 20-second mark whenever he ran the distance.

The highlight of his year was without a doubt the Budapest World Athletics Championships, where he claimed the sprint treble, a feat nobody has achieved since the legendary Usain Bolt. The American raced to gold in the 100m and 200m and helped the US team to a victory in the 4x100m relay.

Now, as he preps for the upcoming Paris Olympics, Noah Lyles shared with fans the grueling training he puts his body through. The 26-year-old took to X (formerly Twitter) to state that his session started with two sprints, one 250m and the other 100m long. He clocked 27.3 and 10.9 in each, respectively.

Next, the American had 10 minutes to rest, before getting back to the grind. He ran the same distances again, this time clocking 26.5 and 11.5. Lyles followed this up with a 150m sprint that he ran in 15.5 seconds and a 100m sprint that he completed in 11.0 seconds.

After a little rest, the World Champion ran 4 sets of 60m, which he did not time. This intense and demanding workout left fans in awe and proved that Noah Lyles is gearing up for gold at the Olympics.

Noah Lyles is gunning for a historic quadruple at the 2024 Olympics

Noah Lyles targets four golds at Paris
Noah Lyles targets four golds at Paris

When Noah Lyles claimed that he would clinch the treble at the World Championships, there were quite a few skeptics in the crowd, but the American proved them all wrong.

Now, Lyles has announced his intention of bettering his performance from Budapest and walking away with four gold medals from the 2024 Paris Olympics. This quadruple, a feat that has never been achieved before, would require a victory in the 100m, 200m, 4x100m relay, and the 4x400m relay.

Lyles has never competed in the 4x400m relay before on the international stage, but as a high-schooler, the sprinter did lead his team from second-last to first at the Penn Relays.

With the Paris Olympics still more than six months away, it remains to be seen if Noah Lyles can qualify for the fourth event, but he certainly seems to be training with the quadruple in mind.

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