“Can’t wait to call you national champs”


Ahead of the national championship game against Washington, former Michigan standout Charles Woodson has sent a message to his alma mater to go all the way and win the title on Monday night. The 1997 Heisman Trophy winner has been a strong supporter of Jim Harbaugh’s team throughout the season.

In a video message shot at the backstage of the Fox Sports studio, Woodson urged the Wolverines to get the job done and become legendary.

“This is for my Wolverines,” Woodson said. “We are in the game. The national championship. You have one more chance to be legendary. I got on my blue suit, my blue tie, because you know I always bleed blue. Maize and Blue. Go Blue! I believe in you guys. I know you’re going to get the job done. I can’t wait to call you national champions.”

Charles Woodson believes Jim Harbaugh’s team could become the best Michigan team of all time

Former Heisman winner Charles Woodson
Former Heisman winner Charles Woodson

Charles Woodson said that the current Michigan team has the potential to become the best in school history if it secures the national championship against Washington. The Pro Football and College Football Hall of Fame cornerback believes the Wolverines can become greater than his 1997 national championship team was.

On the “Rich Eisen Show,” Charles Woodson talked about his preference for the current team over his 1997 team. He believes that the lack of playoff participation at that time, along with sharing the national title with Nebraska, diluted the achievement of the 1997 squad.

“If they go on and win this game, they’re the greatest team in Michigan history,” Woodson said. “Hands down. One of the reasons is because we didn’t get a chance to play in the playoff and play 1 versus 2 or whatever that is.

“We went out and played in the Rose Bowl, played Washington State, and we’ll always have that kind of ‘co-champ’ connected with us as national champions. This would be a team that went through the gauntlet. This would be a team that went through the playoffs.”

Following the dominant season, top-ranked Michigan (14-0) is considered the favorite for the national title heading into the game in Houston. Nonetheless, second-ranked Washington (14-0) has shown its resilience throughout the season and will be ready to stage an upset. Without a doubt, an exciting contest awaits college football fans across the country

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